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App request KPN Settopbox ARRIS 2952


What kind of device would you like to be added :
•KPN settopbox ARRIS 2952

What kind of category signal would the app use :
•IR / modulation frequency 56 kHz

Is there a (public) API / documentation or known other implementations (like Blogs/Github etc)

Are you willing to loan or donate a device to a developer?
•If really needed: Yes


@JaVri I think I have the same device (although I control it with the Logitech Harmony Hub) I will see what I can do.


That would be very kind.
I now control it with a flow in the Harmony One; with one touch I activate the Arris, activate a Philips soundbar and activate my Philips TV (all to the right channel and HDMI-port).
But I’d like to do all of that with my Homey.


If you own the Logitech Hub you could also use: https://apps.athom.com/app/com.jreenen.homeyharmonyhub to pair those devices and use Homey to control those. My personal experience is that the Logitech hub provides better results in IR signals but that might be because of where I placed my Homey.


No I don’t own the Logitech Hub. I hoped I could operate them without having to buy another hub/bridge/etc.


@JaVri You could also try and learn those signals to Homey itself by using the IR Device under Homey. Thanks @Emile for learning that you have that functionality


@jreenen: should I press every button on the remote to ‘learn’ them to the Homey? Or is pressing some buttons enough to learn the remote to the Homey?


To be honest I haven’t used it myself but I would guess if you press a random button homey will guide you through the rest of the procedure.


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