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[APP] Roborock Vacuum Cleaners

Is it safe to go live with 1.6.1? Or are there still some errors and bugs left? Anybody?

As far as I can see version 1.6.1 is stable for Roborock S6.

Same here. Seems to be stable with S6 MaxV. Multiple room cleaning is a winner!

Hi @Justin , not sure it’s one time issue only but today morning I found my both Roborocks offline, app. restart fixed it (original app reported them online)

So just in case it would help :


(I have static IP addresses)

Yes, s6 pure seems to be working correctly now. Battery status OK, manual start OK, start using flows (clean when nobody Home) OK.
Many thanks :+1:

Tested the multiple room cleaning. It works when you set five or less rooms to clean, but it gives an error when there is six or more rooms in the action card. Can this be fixed?

Other that I miss is the cleaned area information (in m2 or some other measurement).

Thanks for the fast app development!

Vacuum S5max
App version 1.6.1

I have 4 rooms that automatically get cleaned when everyone leaves the house, 4 rooms is indeed no problem

Thanks for creating this app. It seems similar to f.ex Neato, where there is no official way to control it outside the app (AFAIK)

But I’ve encountered some issues with these polling-apps for Homey before. Usually it means that the official app will stop responding if Homey polls status while using the app etc.

Will this app for Homey result in similar behavior?
I like the Roborock phone app, but it would be nice with some extra status etc via Homey.

So far everything works fine for me, you can controll your Roborock though the phone app (only the Xiaomi app, not the Roborock, since you need a token) and Homey. Homey status will be polled depending on your setting, I have set mine to 60 seconds, so if you for example start cleanng from the phone app it will take 1 minute before the Homey status is updated. If you start a flow in Homey, the Xiaomi app will update the status almost straight away, since the app communicates directly with the Roborock.

Thanks for replying!
I think I’ll keep it outside Homey for now.
Roborock is the only Wifi xiaomi supported device I have, so it seems less bloated with the Roborock app. I guess Google Assistant integration will be the only thing available for Roborock.

I used the Roborock app before, and was actually surpised how easy it was to migrate to the Xiaomi app, it even migrated the maps. The Xiaomi app has most features tat the Roborock app has too.

If you have a Google assistant you can also set flows through homey → google assistant → Roborock, you just won’t get any updates from the device in Homey. I’ve used that with my Alexa before @Justin created this amazing Homey app.


So you know; upgrading the Homey resolved it. I’m going to add the robo s7 later today. But the app is successfully installed.


I just added the Roborock S7 to Homey not using the Roborock App but the Xiamoi Home. So that makes the Roborock App useless. Unfortunate because i liked it.

But now my Amazon Roborock Skill is useless as well, so I added the ‘Mi Home’ Skill to Alexa. Account linking works, but my roborock isn’t found by Alexa. Any suggestions?

is there really no way to stick to the Roborock App and retrieve a token?

Mi home skill doesn’t have any vacuum cleaners on Alexa. I just created a virtual device an use that to start a flow, and add that device to alexa

Even created multiple virtual devices to trigger different rooms, so thats even an advantage, the roborock alexa skill couldn’t do that

If you have an android device you could use this to extract the tool using the roborock app: https://github.com/redphx/roborock-tuya-token

But that won’t work with this app i think, but it might work with the Eufy home app, since that uses tuya. Haven’t tested it, but could be worth a try.

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Ah it think you’re right, overlooked that.

I will fix the more then 4 rooms issue next week when i’m back home.

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If I remember correctly, the S5 Max did not support the information about cleaned areas. Only the S7 supports this.

This won’t be an issue. Polling at 30 seconds is even supported by Xiaomi but I added a minimum of 60 seconds to be sure it won’t crash. Don’t worry, polling won’t disturb it.