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[APP] Roborock Vacuum Cleaners

Indeed, this won’t work with this app. My app uses the miio protocol to talk with your guys vacuums, this protocol only accepts Xiaomi tokens.

I am not sure how to integrate it into Alexa since I run everything on Google Home here. But might this work for you?

That skill doesn’t include any vacuum cleaners, i have a workaround with virtual devices that works fine for me, just is a bit more work to set it up.

Thanks for the info; it feels a bit stupid. It worked flawless and just to connect it to Homey you lose the app and Alexa integration.

I never worked with the Roborock app, always Miio… But as I understood from posts sbove it’s 98% the same and it has even more functions for some devices.

Just no proper Alexa integration :frowning:

But thanks anyway. Where is the donate button?

Yeah i wish Xiaomi would have Alexa support as well, but don’t think that will happen anytime soon. I had to get used to it at first, but actually like my current setup more then with the Roborock Alexa skill (i still prefer the Roborock phone app, if i had a choice). If you create Virtual devices and setup some routines in Alexa it is possible to do even more then with the standard Roborock Alexa skill. For example i can now say “Roborock clean bedroom” (or any specific room), which was not possible with the standard skill.

Donation button (paypal) is in the first post of this topic, at the bottom

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