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[APP] Samsung SmartTV

I don’t have the Q90R, I have The Frame…

Hi @balmli.
I have the same issue as @Sierra.
All controlls work as they should, but TV is always displayed as off (grayed out).
When I press it I get the message: powered on allready…

I have Q70R.

Hi @Torbjorn_Melbye
Can you press the “Create diagnostics report” - button, and I will receive a log, and might see what’s wrong :slight_smile:

If you are using Smartthings token API, you should go into your smartthings app, and try to power on/off your TV from there. I guess if you don’t use the app for a while, it stops working. Then readd your TV through homey and during pairing allow all permissions on your tv (there will be a prompt). That’s what worked for me, after that tvs status works fine.

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Of course:

Empty log… try turning the TV on, and wait a couple of minutes. Then a new press on the report-button

Anything now?


Is it possible to make a command for a flow to start the TV in The Frame mode?
(For ex. after shutdown)

I don’t know much about the Frame. But you can switch to and from frame mode by turning off / on, right ?

If so, try to send a “Power Toggle” - key.

I did some research and there is no solution :frowning:
So a power toggle will do.

Second question: my TV doesn’t shows the correct power on or off state.
It put the polling to 2 and 5s, but no success.
Sending command works perfect

I also use the Tizen homebridge plugin, and this works correctly.

Hi, thanks for keeping this app up to date!

It kind of works with my new Q60T, although it keeps showing status as ON, and when pressing the button I get the already On message. The TV is off all this time.


Hi @Pieterv123, @Ruskie

I know some users are having trouble with the on/off state if the SmartThings API is enabled.

I’m working on this for the next v. 1.8.0 - release.

  • Fix on / off if the SmartThings API has been enabled
  • Will use more sources for the on/off state, so it will hopefully be a bit better (API check, Ping, UPnP check if enabled, SmartThings if enabled)
  • UPnP to get the volume level and mute state. Also update volume directly. Requires that UPnP is enabled on your Wi-Fi router.

I am struggling to make the app work. It finds my tv, but require a pin Code. I enter the pin code i have on my tv setup, but doesn’t work. Any idea?

“id”: “07bfa481-0082-1000-b3aa-90f1aaa8bb76”,
“name”: “[TV] Home”,
“version”: “2.0.24”,
“device”: {
“type”: “Samsung SmartTV”,
“duid”: “07bfa481-0082-1000-b3aa-90f1aaa8bb76”,
“model”: “14_GOLFS”,
“modelName”: “UE55H7000”,
“description”: “Samsung TV RCR”,
“networkType”: “wireless”,
“ssid”: “Get-2G-3180FA”,
“ip”: “”,
“firmwareVersion”: “Unknown”,
“name”: “[TV] Home”,
“id”: “07bfa481-0082-1000-b3aa-90f1aaa8bb76”,
“udn”: “07bfa481-0082-1000-b3aa-90f1aaa8bb76”,
“resolution”: “1920x1080”,
“countryCode”: “NO”,
“msfVersion”: “2.0.24”,
“smartHubAgreement”: “true”,
“developerMode”: “0”,
“developerIP”: “”
“type”: “Samsung SmartTV”,
“uri”: “

For a H-model you should use the “Samsung (encrypted)” - device. When you add the device you should see a pin code on the TV, which you then must enter when you are pairing the TV.

Hello All,

I noticed a strange behavior.
The tv randomly turns on for a few seconds and then turns off again. Has somebody similar experiences?

The app checks the network interface if it responds or not. After you turn the TV off the network interface stays on for about 20-25 seconds. The network interface also wakes up sometimes when the TV is really off. So it’s hard for the app to see if the TV is really on or off.

as long as it‘s just the network interface and not tv turning on randomly everything is fine:)

Tks for help