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[APP] Samsung SmartTV

Reading all through the post isn’t gemakkelijk, I know.
The answer is hier:

Pb sent to jan because he cant doesnt read my post very wel.

I am clearly asking of it is possible to set changes to the debug menu.

Samsung says that my tv has wol

[quote="[APP] Samsung SmartTV, post:45, topic:10019"]
The TV must support wake-on-lan (or wifi) to be turned on by the app.

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I took some time on a otherwise boring night to check this out.
The WOL on your television seems only available if you happen to have the evolution kit. This kit is apparently available:

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I have a Samsung ue40ju6400 and can add it to homey using the encrypted option. The tv asks for the pincode. But after this controlling the the tv fails for all inputs…

The tv response is here:

“DUID”: “uuid:cb6bb2bb-717a-47bb-8815-ffbf1dc37c58”,
“Model”: “15_HAWKM_UHD_2D”,
“ModelName”: “UE40JU6400”,
“ModelDescription”: “Samsung DTV RCR”,
“NetworkType”: “wired”,
“SSID”: “”,
“IP”: “”,
“FirmwareVersion”: “Unknown”,
“DeviceName”: “[TV] woonkamer”,
“DeviceID”: “uuid:cb6bb2bb-717a-47bb-8815-ffbf1dc37c58”,
“UDN”: “uuid:cb6bb2bb-717a-47bb-8815-ffbf1dc37c58”,
“Resolution”: “1920x1080”,
“CountryCode”: “NL”,
“SmartHubAgreement”: “true”,
“ServiceURI”: “”,
“DialURI”: “”,
“Capabilities”: [
“name”: “samsung:multiscreen:1”,
“port”: “8001”,
“location”: “/ms/1.0/”

This you ?

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You should try to find a developer with a ue40ju6400 - model, that is willing to help you. Sorry, I don’t have such a TV…

Still fuzzing with my UE46ES8000 with SEK-2000 Evolution kit.
The Evolution kit actually upgrades this 2012 model to a later model and therefor the Secure debice is used.
It does repond to

Volume up/down and Mute are working (do not use channel up/down because of a settop box).
Only on/off is not working. So, not only ON (could be a problem with WOL) , but off doesn’t work too… :frowning:
Those are the ones I would especially like.
I am on v5rc53 with the latest Samsung Smart TV app.

What could I do?


I reinstalled my tv yesterday, i used a fixed IP this time, secure connection is on, and made an API token where i selected everything. I can zend commands to the tv, and wake him up/shut down,… but when he is off homey keeps thinking he is on. Then giving the command to shut down gives an error device already off, but my button stays white instead of grey, and power keeps at max usage.

Hi Henk,

Maybe the correct “power off” key is not sent, since you have upgraded the TV. Try sending the different key-codes and see if one of them works.

  • Power Off
  • Power Toggle

Hi Michaël,

Try disabling the SmartThings API. Sound like the state in SmartThings cloud is incorrect.

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Thanks, that was the solution