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[APP] Samsung SmartTV

My Samsung is Not working With the App

I tried 1.8.3 also

I find the tv in the App, set the ip and everything seems to be oke, but no command is working, unknown error

I’m having trouble with this app, turning on works every time, via flow and via device panel but turning off doesn’t, first time I set it up worked maybe half of the time but after a week stopped working at all.

Any clues?

Update: I’ve tried enabling smartthings and generating various tokens with different levels of permission sithout any luck. Turning off still doesn’t work via flow or manually in the homey app :frowning:

It works perfectly on the smartthings app. Any clues?


Enabling SmartThings will enable you to use the “Set input source” action. It isn’t being used to turn the TV on or off.

Good to know! I’m at a point where I’m trying every setting I can find and see what happens. Is there anything else that I could try?

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