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[APP] Samsung SmartTV

I feel a little stupid. I Can’t find a secure connection setting in my TV

Check adv. settings for the «Samsung» device that you installed in Homey. In the mobile app

I get a 404 response so a service does run on the port!(?)… :thinking: it does add the device… :thinking:

Just installed 1.3.0 beta. As before, the TV can be foond using “normal” type (non-encrypted, non-legacey), but cannot be controlled, turning on “encrypted” in advanced settings does not change anything.

With (encrypted) type the TV is not found.

here’s the response from the URL you provided

“DUID”: “uuid:25958b1c-2e89-411e-b968-0ba7a62f1270”,
“Model”: “15_HAWKM_UHD_2D_SC”,
“ModelName”: “UE40JU6510”,
“ModelDescription”: “Samsung DTV RCR”,
“NetworkType”: “wired”,
“SSID”: “”,
“IP”: “”,
“FirmwareVersion”: “Unknown”,
“DeviceName”: “[TV] Master Bathroom”,
“DeviceID”: “uuid:25958b1c-2e89-411e-b968-0ba7a62f1270”,
“UDN”: “uuid:25958b1c-2e89-411e-b968-0ba7a62f1270”,
“Resolution”: “1920x1080”,
“CountryCode”: “RU”,
“SmartHubAgreement”: “true”,
“ServiceURI”: “”,
“DialURI”: “”,
“Capabilities”: [
“name”: “samsung:multiscreen:1”,
“port”: “8001”,
“location”: “/ms/1.0/”

@balmli i can’t pair anymore using the beta version. It did work using the alpha version ??? See c1716d2d-ff90-4cae-a1c6-9412f6fe6a48


Ok, installed the alpha, the pin screen popped up on tv and it apparently paired.
The TV is static at .20 and the Homey has a DHCP reservation at .171, so you did fix it!

Volume works, with a delay, and can’t keep it it pressed like on the remote.
I can turn OFF but not ON

Channels buttons do not work.

Keep up the good work. (Please :pray::pray::pray:)

By the way, there is a homebridge plugin that supports the new Homekit TV-type - supports on/off and select input, the nifty thing is that you can specify your favourite app like Netflix as an input and get a nice shortcut. BUT it does not support PIN-type authorisations at all.

Version 1.4.0 is in app store as beta now, with the following changes since 1.3.0:

  • Added ‘Power on/off is in progress’ condition (all devices)
  • Changed the order of the volume and channel keys (all devices, need to reinstall the device for this to work)
  • Added ‘Polling interval for TV status (s)’ in Advanced settings (all device)
  • Added screen to manually set IP address (Samsung encrypted)

Hi, great app!
I have Samsung The Frame, which has a “half state” where power off places it in frame mode.
Short push = FRAME MODE
Long push = OFF
I can see the app is confused by this since it’s expecting OFF state, but TV switches to frame mode. Are you able to support this in any way?

Hi, Thanks !

Yes, hopefully v. 1.4.2, which is in alpha - version in app store just now, will support this.

It also has an action to switch to/from artmode… but it is not tested yet.

Please send me a message with your email if you want to be an alpha-tester.

@balmli “Sorry, you cannot send a personal message to that user.”
Can’t find a way to send you a direct message.

Great “modelName”: “UE43J5500” is now for the first time responding. Was able to pair with the help of the popup code on my tv.

As mentioned earlier switch off works, but was not yet able to switch on again.
Sending keys also works.!!

:slight_smile: That’s good to hear !!

Can you test the “Wake on lan” - app for Homey: https://apps.athom.com/app/it.diederik.wol

If that can turn the TV on, it should be possible to fix the TV app also…

Version 1.5.0 is in app store as beta now, with support for turning off Samsung “The Frame”.

Great app, works like a charm on my HU7500! :grinning:

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How to get the list of app to launch? Trying to set a flow to turn on every morning and launch a news app. But the list of app is empty.

Please advise.

Thank you


What TV - model do you have?

And what device (Samsung, Samsung encrypted, Samsung legacy) have you installed ?

Im have Samsung Qled TV 55 inch Q7 model.

And i used Samsung. I can on and off the TV. Adjust volume and channel.

Thank you

Anyone managed to get the list of app to launch using flow?

Can you press the “Create diagnostics report” - button, and I will get an email with the log.