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[APP] Samsung SmartTV

Yes, that doesn’t work (will show exclamation mark after adding the device), so I was happy that the encrypted version seemed to work (except for the Off function, which is the main reason for me for the app :slight_smile:).

Did you try the “Send key” - action, with the “Power off” - key ?


Sorry, I’m not sure what you mean.:upside_down_face:
I only see the big round on/off button under the ‘application’. And I only see the Power Off and Power On or Power Toggle option when create a flow.
Could you please clarify what I need to do / try?

Yes. I was thinking of the “Send key” - flow (then) … Try the “Power off” from the flow.

Pressing the button in the app will send a “Power” - key, since you are using the Encrypted - version for the F-model.

Older TVs use the “Power on” and “Power off” keys, that you should try, not the “Power” (toggle) - key.

That works, brilliant, thanks so much!

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Hmmm, I was a little too quick. The send key power off worked yesterday when I tried.

Now that I am incorporating it in a flow, it turns out that the key is only send to the tv in about 25% of the cases. In the other 75%, it gives the error Cant reach TV

In the 25% that it can reach the tv and sends the key, it only works about 50% of the time.

Thanks for the app, works fine for me!

Please, tell me why the app doesn`t work with Alexa directly. Of couse virtual devices works, but this is just a workatound.

Hi Joka,

No, I’m sorry. I will try to find out.

Installed this app because after a year the Samsung IR app is not working any more.
It reconized my tv. I can turn it on but that is all. Turning off does not Work, it keeps saying device is allready turned of.

Hi Ria,
What TV-model do you have ?

A serie 6 smart TV, I dont know the exact type.
But I start to suspect Homey Dash is the course of the problem. My shutters go down together while I push one button.
I Will try to disconnect Homey Dash and try again to turn tv off with your app.

Unfortunately my TV doesn’t resond to the app anymore and I get an error:

I have a UE46ES8000 with SEK-2000 Evolution kit (so updated version!) and do get model info over http://“TV IP address”:8001/ms/1.0/

Any help appreciated in how to fix it… Thx! !

Try reinstalling the device.

For an ES-series TV, the Samsung (legacy) - version shoul be used.

Reinstalling did the trick. Sorry that I didn’t do that before… ;(

It shouldn’t be legacy, as my tv is upgraded with an Evolution Kit which elevates the tv’s system to a later model… The encrypted version worked fine though.

Thanks for the quick reply!

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I also having problems.

I can turn off the TV but not turn it on

What do I wrong ?

Do you wait long enough in between off/on? Once off, wait some 10 sec or more then try turn it on.

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Yes, after a whole evening watching TV added the tv with the legacy

Some TV-models do not support wake-up-on-lan/wlan, which is needed by the app to turn the TV on.

A work-around is to use a Chromecast, and cast a web-page or something, which will turn the TV on by HDMI–CEC.

My tv is not finding any apps in de flow…

works really good for me, but it would be really cool if this app can understand if the TV is in “art mode” (the frame), and also have an option to turn on “art mode”.