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[APP] Satel Integra alarmsystem integration V2.3.1 LIVE

Finally found some time to test today: version 2.1.0 did not seem to fix the issue but, running from cli it worked. After a reinstall the “normal” app worked too :thinking:

Trying to reproduce the issue I found the following: after saving the settings it takes a couple of seconds before the app connects to the alarm … when you press read before it has connected it fails (and subsequent tries now fail too). Also if you wait too long the app/alarm disconnects (25 seconds, idle time-out?), the app reconnects after 5 seconds but I was no longer able to read. So it seems that after a first failed try to read all subsequent tries will fail too.

For now I am able to consistently get the app to work by doing a reinstall, configure and save settings, wait 5 seconds and then click read.

Great to here :slight_smile: , As workarround just wait 5 sec before hitting the read button…
Let me check if i can improve the code for this.

The 25sec timeout comes from the satelpanel when no data received.
Thanks for testing.

HI Steven,

According to protocol discription : ETHM-1 v1.07 2015-03-02 / ETHM-1 Plus v2.05 2018-01-11
It should work :slight_smile:

But the connection you make with dload (in previous post) isn’t a direct connection to the IP of the system.

Can you check the following (in dutch)

  • open dloadx and make connection to the panel
  • Go to Data – Systeem en Hardware Structuur
  • choose TAB Hardware en find your ETHM1-Plus module

Check IP-adres and if integratie is is turned on. see screenshot.
If these settings are there you should be able to connect with my app.


Hi Mickel,

Have now reprogrammed the ETHM-1 Plus module so that it no longer communicates through the Satel server and can therefore be reached through the internal network.

Then I was able to link Homey with your App :slight_smile:
However, is there also a possibility to have this go through the Satel Server?
Now I no longer have Push notifications, and use this for my doorbell and burglar alarm etc.

Hi Steven, great to here, NO as far as i know it is not possible thru the Satel Server.
But if you have the app running, you can do the push notification thru homey :slightly_smiling_face:
Just create some flows … on the zone for your doorbell, and on the partiotion part there is the burglar alarm

Did some more improvement on the pollers on the socket and the reading proces.
See V2.3.0 https://homey.app/a/com.satelintegra/test/ in test now.

Please comment back if this version working OK (or not)

Hi Mickel,

Have now connected Homey with the ETHM-1 Plus module and given a fixed IP address in the router.
As a detour, I turned the Satel Server option back on in DloudX after the integration with Homey and both systems work :slight_smile:

Only I could not add all outputs and zones in Homey and then I installed your latest test version and after that I could add all zones and outputs :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

So until now your latest version is good

Great to here, happy playing with it. :grinning:

I just tested with another user with a 64plus panel and ethm1plus module and also satel server and this is also working.

1 minor bug (also in latest version) is that the reading of the zones, outputs, partition is not 100% proof.
Workarround is to add the devices that are there and do antoher read panel from the settings.

Thinking which solution is best for this…

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I have Versa

is your app compatible with Versa?

What settings need to be made in the alarmsystem application?

HI, i do not know if the versa panel is compatible with my app…
Just try…
If a read the documentation of the ETHM-1 Plus module open intergration is possible and also the versa is programmed with the DLOADX software.
Look at my first post what to set in the DLOADX for the intergration.
Let me know if it works or not.

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Cool, great app! Thanks for all the work

In DloadX it is also possible to read the temperature values of the wireless motion sensors, do you is it posssible to add these values in Homey?

Thanks, It is possible to read out the temparature of a zone and create a device card, but i do not have these motion sensors, so there is no way i can test it properly…

Also there will be other challenges in the code , as in how to see wich sensor has temperature and wich not.