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[APP] Send SMS


Great work! One question: Can I override the caller ID somehow? I now see the username i used for registering to voipbuster as a caller ID.

thanks, Niels

Hi @NielsG and welcome to the forum! I think with voipbuster you can add caller id s from their website. If you have multiple caller id s added, you can select the one you want to use in the homey app in the ‘from’ field

Hi @Gruijter, you are absolutely right. It’s working now. Thanks!

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What about messagebird as provider? Used that for multiple notification services. They got an api interface.


Messagebird looks ok. I’ll add it in the next app release. Are you already using it?

Yes got an account and credits.
Used it in the joolee app for sms on homey 1.5

I just added Messagebird to version 2.2.2 of the app. It will be available in the app store as soon as Athom approves it.

Version 2.2.2 is available in the appstore NOW! :beers::hearts::partying_face::love_you_gesture::vibration_mode::eu::uk:

Tested it monday and it worked.
Today i shouldve recieved a text but didnt get it. Ill look in to it to see what happened.

V 2.2.3 was just released in the app store. Go check it out and get your Homey to send SMS text messages!

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@Gruijter Can i request for an additional sms provider? Here the reference: https://developers.sendinblue.com/reference#transactional-sms-1


Hi Shiki,

It looks doable, but need to have test credit with them. I will look into adding this when I find some time. (I’m working on another new Homey project right now, which is eating all my spare time)


Thanks for this app.
Is it possible to add a french provider : Free Mobile ?


HTTP Method : GET

Thanks a lot

Ill add it to my todo list :hugs:

Thanks it’s nice of you :slight_smile:

Hi Gruijter.

Great app. I have been using it for over a year now. :+1: But suddenly the bulksms won’t send anymore. Error log says ssl version not supported. Could it be the TLS version used in the code? Is it fixable?

Error log:

2020-05-24 21:48:37 [log] [SendSMSApp] Error: write EPROTO 1995833344:error:1425F102:SSL routines:ssl_choose_client_version:unsupported


I will investigate it :thinking:

I installed this App on my Homey and paid a one-time payment of €15 to MessageBird as SMS provider. The costs per local SMS are then € 0.076. It works but why so complicated? With my smartphone, I already pay for 150 calling minutes and/or sending SMS messages. If I send an SMS from my smartphone directly to my GSM Power Socket (Smart Switch, € 22.47 throughGSM Power Socket AliExpress see image), I can switch on my modem/router and media server at home from my holiday address and connect to all my DATA and my Homey at home. Modem, WiFi and media server at home easaly take 30 Watts of power and I want to save that as much as possible when nobody is at home.
Why can’t the Homey App on my smartphone provide this SMS-function? Now I have to do that manually outside the Homey App.

Because sending messages falls beyond the scope of the Homey app (just like navigation, making phone calls, sending Twitter messages, or making coffee).

And with the Send SMS app you can create a flow to switch on/off what you like and then place this flow as shortcut widget on your phone. So a one-click action😘

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