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[APP] Sensibo

For https://sensibo.com/ air condition controllers.

App store: https://homey.app/no-no/app/com.sensibo/Sensibo/
Test: https://homey.app/no-no/app/com.sensibo/Sensibo/test/
Source: https://github.com/balmli/com.sensibo

To install:

  1. Get an API-key from https://home.sensibo.com/me/api
  2. Install the app
  3. Configure the API-key in the Configure app menu. This must be done before adding the Sensibo device.

Device: Sensibo


  • The target temperature changed.
  • Thermostat mode changed.
  • The temperature changed.
  • The humidity changed.
  • Sensibo turned on.
  • Sensibo turned off.
  • Sensibo offline.
  • Timer created.
  • Timer fired.
  • Timer deleted.
  • AC state changed.
  • Climate React changed.


  • Thermostat mode is.
  • Sensibo is on.
  • Climate React is enabled / disabled.
  • Timer is enabled / disabled.


  • Set the temperature.
  • Set the mode (Automatic, Heat, Cool, Off)
  • Turn on.
  • Turn off.
  • Set the fan mode.
  • Set the fan level.
  • Set Swing mode.
  • Control Climate React.
  • Set timer.
  • Delete timer.



Please report issues at the issues section on Github.

Release Notes:


  • Minor bug fix for fan level and fan mode from flows


  • Dynamic list of modes and fan levels when setting from flows


  • Added triggers for timers


  • Added trigger for AC state changes
  • Fixed minor bug when deleting devices


  • Fixed client for timers


  • Added support for timers
  • Added trigger for Climate React changed


  • Added condition for ‘Climate React is enabled / disabled’
  • Changed minimum polling interval to 15 seconds


  • Added support for Climate React


  • Added support for ‘Horizontal’ and ‘Both’ swing modes
  • Added check for supported swing mode


  • Added ‘Last seen’ timestamp
  • Added ‘Sensibo offline’ trigger


  • Added support for Swing modes
  • Fixed settings page
  • Use Homey compose


  • Fix support and source urls


  • Possible to turn on / off, change fan mode and fan level from the app (the device must be reinstalled for this)
  • Removed duplicate triggers for temperature and humidity


  • Fix if more than 1 Sensibo


  • Beta version for app store

V. 1.1.0 with support for swing mode:

Why isn’t it possible to set fan mode? I can tell Google assistant to set cool, heat and auto but not fan.


Yes, I guess that’s not possible in the current version of the app.

It’s possible to set the fan mode with a flow.

Yes I am aware of that but it had been nice to do this on the thermostat :slightly_smiling_face:

Google home only supports the 3 modes: cool, heat and auto, any other modes are not supported, nothing we can do about that as it is a Google home limitation (Amazon Echo and Homekit have this same limitation)

Great app, one of the most usefull i came across. Sensibo and Homey combination makes it completely endless as for possibility’s.

Had mine working within minutes. I’ve got an Haier Airco that can be controlled by an app using a USB Wifi interface. This worked for 3 years but it’s an crappy app and they didn’t want to share the API etc for me to build an app. I removed the wireless interface and used the USB port to power the Sensibo. Routed the USB cable within the airco and the Sensibo on the side.

One question though… My Haier only supports vertical swing, not horizontal. There is no way i can control this direction with your app. Any idea why? Ik errors with code 450, probably because horizontal swing is not in use with this airco.


Can you control the swing from the Sensibo app?

Yes, tried it and vertical swing works. Upper position, down position, stop and swing continuously.

This is the current list of swing modes that are supported:

Fixed bottom
Fixed middle bottom
Fixed middle top
Fixed middle
Fixed top
Range bottom
Range full
Range middle
Range top

I know… but the way the app/contols are build it is selecting every mode that comes by. Mine only looks to have fixed top, range full and stop. It errors as soon as an other one had passed

But you can set the swing with a flow ?

Yes i can, but the controls from your app are very nice. Can’t you use another control way for the swing? Not all aircos have all functions

I will create a fix for this:

  • support “Horizontal” and “Both” swing modes
  • check that the selected swing mode is among the supported swing modes for the device

Here is v. 1.2.1 ready for testing.

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V. 1.3.0 with support for Climate React is now ready for testing:

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Amazing work! Thank you for your contribution. Climate React is a killer feature for Sensibo and now we can schedule CR which is what the sensibo app cannot do.


@balmli Any possibilities to support modes from the heatpump?

V. 1.4.1 with support for timers and a trigger for Climate React changed.

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V. 1.5.1 with a trigger for AC state changes:

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