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[UPDATE : problem encountered in https://flow.homey.app/ and https://my.homey.app/

in a flow, I put a condition AND " thermostat mode est chauffer"
When I test it, i have an error message : “mode is not defined”

strangely, If I test the State mode in a WHEN condition, Homey wait for a numeric value…

just a bug of the test interface ?

Thank you for your help.

Does this app work with homey version 5.0?


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@balmli As per many other users, I wanted to thank you for such a great app! With the new Presence Detect Sensibo my AC system throughout the house is now “set and forget” all year round with flows to manage a whole range of scenarios.

I do have 2 suggestions for enhancements though (assuming Sensibo allow the API calls)…

  1. Can you add Presence Detect as a Trigger so users can integrate the motion detector with other devices (lights for example)

  2. Can you add ‘Sync AC Power State’ as an Action? Sometimes it is useful to use the original remote for the AC but in doing so Sensibo does not realise the AC is on. I am hoping I could use the power consumption as a Trigger to sync the AC Power State with Sensibo in this scenario.

Thanks again!