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[APP] Sensibo

Already answered that question, no informations can go to the sensibo, then to Homey.
IR is a single way communication !!!

Feature request:
add a flow card:
THEN: update power state to on or off (without doing something, just the state, same as in app sync powerstate), please let user choose the state it should be in.

I will request this also in github.

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+1 for update power state.
This would allow, for example, to modify the status via an electrical outlet with energy control if the AC was switched on outside of homey.
Great application by the way, thank you!

yep, this was exactly why i request it… I do monitor my airco units on power usage, so i know when they are running or not (turned on or off manually).
It would be great to just change the state (start power sync mode) to sync the actual power state.