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Shelly dimmer wordt niet herkend in homey, wel in eigen App van Shelly. Wat nu?

Read the message directly above yours. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: It’s a bug that will be fixed with the next version.

Tanks for the quick response, i’ll wait patiently!

Keep up the good work!

v1.14.2 - 2019-12-12

Fixed issue with pairing introduced with previous version (1.14.1).

Thanks. Everything’s working again!

Yeahhhh, mine first Shelly device is connected to Homey. Works very smooth!
It would be nice to implement an action card to “change dim level to …% in … seconds”

Transitions can be done with the chrono app easy.

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Will the door/window sensor be supported??

Yes, someone was kind enough to send me a large donation so I could pre-order the sensor. Once it gets delivered I’ll add support for it. It’s delayed due to production issues however.


Ok. Thanks a lot for your time and work.
I will sure enough give you a donation in the future.

Joakim Johansson

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Hi, We will send you the D/W sensor as soon as they become available.

Thanx for the offer but another user has send me a big donation and I pre-ordered the door window sensor myself using this donation. Once I receive it I will add support.

Thanks for your honest reply. As mentioned before. Please let us know if we can be of any support.

Thanks! this is exactly what i am going to use for my system at home.
Will use them to capture the normal wall switches status. my family doesnt like if they dont work as they expect them to work and Z-Wave/Fibaro doesnt work reliable enough.

What MQTT client (?) you use on your homey, or do you have a seperate MQTT system running?

I changed to HTTP requests, which proved to be 100% reliable. Just install the app on your Homey, follow the instructions (give Homey a static IP if you haven’t done that already).

Thanks for the update.
Shelly app already in use for a 2.5 that controls my ventilation system, but not yet build in the walls.

Will change a Fibaro that is causing trouble and check with HTTP requests!

The problem I had with the Shelly app, was that on/off are separate triggers. I detached both Shelly’s from the relais, since I have Hue bulbs in them. So I use the switch as a trigger for Homey. Now, when I flip the wall switch, Shelly will send the same HTTP request to Homey, so there is only 1 flow needed when the switch is flipped.
When using the Shelly (app) in Homey, I had to create every flow twice. One for when the switch was turned on, and one for off. Let me know if you need help setting it up, but it’s pretty straight forward when you read the HTTP request app instructions.

Just changed an Fibaro for Shelly and created the flow with a webhook-logic card and this works perfect, it works fast and for as long as i could test it now it works reliable… now i need to change all my flow’s :laughing:

I recently purchased a number of Shelly products and linked them to Homey. The app works well; thanks for that!
I come across a few things that I have some questions or comments about. I would like it (nice to have) if you can change more settings from the device settings via the Homey app such as LED LIGHT CONTROL, DEVICE REBOOT, FIRMWARE UPDATE etc.

With the Shelly 4Pro I run into a few problems. The device is seen as 1 device which I find difficult because it is more difficult to operate the different relays; is it possible to create a device per relay? I now control the lighting of the shed, the construction lamp and the garden lighting from the 4 Pro. I prefer to see each relay already loose device in Homey so that I can operate the device in the corresponding zone.

I also notice that the energy consumption of Relay 1 is only passed on to Homey and not of the other Relays.

  • Card for LED light control: for which device(s) is this an option, I dont see anything related for setting the LED light in the API documentation so it’s probably not possible
  • Card for reboot: sure, I’ll add it when I have some time
  • Card for firmware update: I dont see any option in the API documentation for this
  • What more options would you like to see, and please check if it’s actually posssible here: https://shelly-api-docs.shelly.cloud/

I choose to create one device for the Shelly4Pro because when creating four seperate devices for each channel Homey will also fire 4 polling requests to the Shelly4Pro to get the state for each channel. As already seen with the RGBW2 this causes performance issues (see this bug report: https://github.com/jghaanstra/cloud.shelly/issues/8). I still havent come up with an elegant solution for this and there has not been much demand for it as it seems not many people use the Shelly4Pro.

I can probably get the power for each channel and add them all to the Shelly4Pro device in Homey the same way as the relays are now under the same device. But I would need to know how the meters object looks like. Do you have any technical skills to call the /settings endpoint manually and post it here? If not I could create a test version where I do some educated guessing on how it probably looks but you would have to install a test version of the app to check.