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[APP] Shelly

Thank you! Works again

I changed to the experimental channel when we were struggeling with the new coap system. As removing the app to reinstall again from the regular channel requires reconfiguration of all devices and flows… which will take a whole day in my case… I just disabled auto update. Will do that ad hoc when required :wink:

This is not the case. You can just hit install from the regular app store version and it will install it without having you to re-pair or re-configure flows.

I’m looking for a energy meter for my heat pump and I’m thinking about the Shelly 3EM, because the heat pump uses 3 phases. When the 3EM is connected to Homey, is their a possibility to link the power usage to my heat pump device in Homey (as I also have a device in Homey for my heat pump).

Or will it just create a new device and no linking possibilities to a existing device?


– Erik