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[APP] Shelly

I dont quite grasp your setup. Flipping the button does not turn off the light when it’s turned on after motion? It’s in detached mode?

Yes it does, but I want it to also switch off the timer. Let me explain a little bit more.

Is a device in my barn. When getting stuff from one of the shelves it is sufficient to have the light on only for 10 mins. So I h ave a motion from shelly triggering on motion and starting the timer. With starting the timer it then turns on the light.

Now sometimes I want to work for a longer time in the barn. 10 min is then not sufficient, and I don’t know how much will. So I would like to create a flow, if there is a physical button flip ánd the 10 min timer is running, then keep the light turned on but disable the timer. This way it won’t turn of the light. Because turning off the light is handled by the finish of the timer.

Hopefull I made myself a bit more clear.

btw, the switch is configured like edge switch, so with every flip it turns on and off. I could ofcoure set it to detached, and create flows for the same behavior, but then when Homey is offline i can’t turn on the light at all anymore.

During this time, are you out reach of the motionsensor?

Sounds to me the better (not cheaper) solution would be to add another motionsensor.
As long as there is motion detected the light should not turn off…

If I understand correctly your switch is connected to the shelly directly?
If that is the case you will not be able to prevent the light from switching off when flipping the switch when the light is on
But you could make a flow that does switch on the light on again immidiately after the light was switched off using the switch. (Weird, but possible)

Normally we start a timer when motion goes off.
When motion detected we stop the timer.
Is this not possible with the shelly ?

Correct, during this tine motion will not be detected nor do I wish to buy another motion sensor. Haven’t thought about it how to solve, but I very much would like to be able to couple an action to the flip of a switch. When there is a momentary switch connected, this is not a problem for Shelly. I have all my dimmers2 from Shelly configured like that.

Just to be sure, what do these do?


Sounds to me they should do something with the input 1, right?

Can’t really get met finger on this shelly thing. I have multiple motion timers all around the house. All HEU or Aqara, All configured like you said. For some reason it doesn’t seem to work for Shelly. But havent put enough time into the issue to figure out what exactly doesn’t work.

I struggle adding a Shelly Uni to my Homey Pro. I also see the icon of Shelly Uni looks more like the Shelly 1 or maybe the Shelly Add-On. Is the Shelly Uni working as it should for you?

I’ll fix the icon in the next release. It’s completely unrelated to any pairing issues though. Since you are the first to report this my guess it’s something on your end. But feel free to send a diagnostic report after having tried pairing the device. Most of the times these reports are useless but sometimes it gives an indication on what is going on.

Hi Phuturist! Suddenly the Shelly app fails to start. All my devices get the red traingle with the exclamation mark. I’ve created a report: 845710f8-1d25-40fb-ab1f-6297876a3d40. Could you please help me? Thank you!

There is only a log everything about an unreachable plug s in the log (IP ending with 44). Nothing about app crashes.

The obvious answer, did you try rebooting Homey? The less obvious, did you change anything in your network? Sounds a bit like this issue Shelly app causes Homey to restart continuously and show a red ring · Issue #28 · jghaanstra/cloud.shelly · GitHub which Athom won’t solve.

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Thanks for the hint! I did restart Homey, twice. The third time and an app restart later it suddenly works again, but I’ll look into the issue with the plug. I’ve restarted the network, but I tried reaching several Shelly’s via IP, which worked. Have a nice weekend!

I’m having a bunch of issues with Shelly last 24 hours
I’ve restarted the app, restarted homey and still got devices dropping

It’s not holistic tho and I see no rhyme or reason for it. The devices that are working / not working all work fine from the Shelly app and all have the correct IP addresses as shown… Any ideas?

The error indicates a network issues. Homey can’t reach the Shelly device. Possible reasons:

  • Homey has bad wifi connection
  • Shelly has bad wifi connection
  • Your WiFi is not stable
  • There is interference
  • Homeys network stack is unstable

Perhaps start with rebooting your router.

But this cannot be the case. I have 6 Shelly devices, 4 of them are working absolutely fine…

  • Homey has bad wifi connection
    o if this were the case 4 would not work
  • Shelly has bad wifi connection
    o if this were the case neither the 4 would work, or all 6 wouldn’t work via the shelly app
  • Your WiFi is not stable
    o it’s stable… everything else is working seamlessly
  • There is interference
    o nothing has been introduced to cause interference and it’s been fine for 12months?
  • Homeys network stack is unstable
    o I’m not sure on this, but given other devices are working I can’t see how this could be…

Try replacing the Homey power adapter.

Wifi is sometimes less stable, because channels are changed and maybe conflict with a new device or neighbour.

Please do let me know what the case is when you find out.

The Shelly devices state that wifi is good, and homey WiFi is working for yeelight (and other Shelly devices)…
The error is a network error in Homey for these two devices only, but it makes no sense since Shelly app can control then

@Phuturist never going to know… I’ve done all testing I can, so they’re either broken or they’ll randomly start working again for no good reason!

And the devices have a static IP address which matches the one in Homey?

As last resort you can try re-adding them.

Yes, both static (shown in screenshot that they match above)
I’ll try re-adding I guess, they don’t appear without removing tho so need to check which flows I’m going to need to fix first

v3.4.6 - 2021-10-15

  • Updated the Shelly Uni icon.
  • Improved the dimming capability of the Shelly Dimmer, it now respects the transition time.
  • Fixed a small issue with crashes on Homey Cloud.
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