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[APP] Shelly

It’s weirder that some Shellies are actually able to talk to Homey when AP isolation has been enabled. The whole point of this functionality is that devices connected through WiFi can’t talk to each other anymore. Not something you want in a home network with WiFi domotica devices.

Soo accordingly to this screenshot, only temperature is reported, humidity it’s not.

Correct, the DW sensor does not report humidity only the visible values in the screenprint.

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Humm ok. Thank you very much! :ok_hand:

I have a door opener, like a buzzer. Can I use shelly 1 to make it “smart” and operate it both via phone and physical switch?

I know have two out of three shelly 1pm’s that have short circuited on 10A anyone else have this problem?

Itis connected to my heatpump that will continouesly draw 10A+ out of the net,maybe an hour or so and then it will go into standby. At one Shelly there is burn marks so I’m a bit sceptic to use this in my house

Depends on where exactly the burn marks are. If you can see the burn marks, it might also be undersized wiring that’s heating up and melting the insulation.

Add an extra din rail relay for 16A or 25A which is switched by the Shelly. A 10A relay is not enough when device is 10A, you need to take care of peak current during start of a device, other wise your relay contacts are burned to each other.

That kind of relay only cost € 10,-

The Shelly 1PM is rated to handle 16A, and since it’s a closed device you won’t be able to see any burn marks on the relay. Hence my suspicion that it may be faulty wiring. But I guess we need to know where exactly those burn marks are located.