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[APP] Shelly

Will do. Looked at the changes, seems to be OK.
Installed it and betatest it with the family tomorrow…

couple of things:

  1. Right now it seems that triggering a flow is somehow slower again. I will look into that with wireshark tomorrow as well.
  2. Maybe wait a little bit longer as of tomorrow there should be an firmware update available to 1.9.0 for the shellys. I have 1.9.0RC3 on my shellys (because of problems with wifi stability) and I will update the firmware to the final version tomorrow, too. So far I got no glitches or problems…
  3. Could you make a official capability for the input events as well as the “Input state”. That way the last input event would be shown next to other stuff like power, temperatur and the “State of Input”?
  4. Could you change the shown value of the “State of Input” into “On/Off” or “switched on” / “switched off” instead of “Yes/No”
  5. For the capability “State of Input” maybe some people need an action flow card, because of the removale of the action triggers (btn_on, btn_off). I don’t use that kind of action event…

Tell you tomorrow in the evening, how it went…


I found one glitch: The new event names are missing in the shelly action flow card for the dimmers (shortpush_1 and so on). Only the old ones are there.
You have to choose the device again to see the new events…
Can you get the event items if you choose the event or open the flow card and not after you choose the device?

For other devices, it adds the new event items and don‘t remove the old ones. Only after you re-choose the device, the old ones are gone and only the new ones are there.

Another thing: There seems to be a bug in the shelly firmware for the dimmers. The CoAP message for the longpush is sent only after you release the Button. For the other shellys it is sent right away after a longpush is recognized as a longpush. I will open a ticket with Shelly about that.
That might be the cause, that I wrote yesterday, that there are some delays. But I will look into that again this evening…


It’s of course possible but would this really be of any value?

According to the documentation this is not possbile for default capabilities (I’m using alarm_generic for the inputs) but I’ll ask around.

Because I use the default alarm_generic capability these flow cards are generated automatically. That’s exactly why I’m using default capabilities as much as possible and am hesitant to create or switch custom capabilities. Custom capabilities makes managing the app more time consuming.

The autocomplete dropdown retrieves its values when clicked. You are seeying old values probably because the values have not been refreshed yet and it’s showing previously selected values. This is the way these input fields work and part of Homey core and I have no control over it… It wont be much of a problem for the majority of users when they switch to version 3.x because by then they should have the correct values and they need to update these triggercards anyway.

See comment above.

Ok, let’s hope CoAP does not turn out to be slower than the REST API for action events and all my efforts would be in vain.