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[APP] SMA Solar devices


Hi, since this afternoon I have panels, too. I can confirm the app works with the Sunny Boy 2.5 inverter. Enabling ModBus isn’t done through Sunny Explorer though for the SB 1.5/2.0/2.5, it has to be done through it’s own web portral in Installer mode. Even better for people without Windows like me. Took me an hour to figure out, though.

Edit: completely forgot: thanks for making this app, really glad it exists :slight_smile:

@TonD how did you do that -installer mode- without mac?

This only works for the Sunny Boy 1.5, 2.0 (that only exists on paper it seems?) and 2.5. As those inverters are not supposed to be used with Sunny Explorer (according to the manual), they feature a built-in webserver for management purposes etc. You can reach it at the ip address of your inverter, in my case it was, you can find the IP address in your router I suppose.

Then simply login with role Installer.

Hmmm apparantely not functioning for my Sunnypower 6000TL-20 with SMA Webconnect :frowning: page doesn’t load

Like I already wrote:

“This only works for the Sunny Boy 1.5, 2.0 (that only exists on paper it seems?) and 2.5.”

Working great except for the daily yield, my SMA says: 29.42 kWh and the app says: 65.54.
SUNNY TRIPOWER 5.0 (STP5.0-3AV-40 673)

Would it maybe be possible in a future update to support sending data to pvoutput.org?

Odd that there is a difference in daily yield. Especially since your model has already been tested by other users that have not experienced this. Are you not mixing up values like total yield and daily yield?

The suggestion for pvoutput is a nice one. I have added it as feature request on Github, it could take a while before I even have the chance to look into it however.

Ty for the quick reply, here is a screenshot of it: https://www.mupload.nl/img/nopxrkg.jpg
I have 16x 300Wp so 65.54 would be very nice but i dont think it’s correct. :wink:
If u need any info or testing just let me know. :slight_smile:

What you can do yourself is trying to find out what the modbus holding register is for the the daily yield for your type. You could try and Google for it or ask SMA. I currently don’t have time for this.

Apparently it’s different for your type then any of the other tested inverters.

Finally able to borrow my moms laptop… Everything is changed as described in the Installers menu… But no data in homey

I’m logged in as an installer but I can’t find the menu where to unlock the connection.

Hi @copiis you didn’t login properly (wrong pin?) since the green checkmark is missing behind the serial number…

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You were right, it was the wrong password.

Now I am logged in and have set everything to Yes but still don’t get any values in the app.

OK, i restarted the app and now it works

@copiis Yesssss the restarting was the icing on the cake… Restarting and one night of patience did it for me also…

Finally had some time to look into this. Appearantly the modbus protocol for the Sunny Tripower inverters is slightly different and it seems to lack a holding register for the daily yield. So I wont be able to add it and I will update the table for supported inverters.

Thank you for looking into it. :slight_smile:

Since a couple of days, no updated variables… suggestions welcom

Reset the app and check the ip address.