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[APP] SMA Solar devices

Running Homey 3.0.0, my inverter shows up as a device that is using power rather than generating, i.e. it has a positive wattage in the Energy overview, which I think should be negative. Am I right?

EDIT: I reloaded the app and it is now showing up correctly, under its own category (Zonnepanelen).

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The app worked, for like 30 minutes, now it keeps saying that device is not reachable, while it is.
Restarting the app does not seem to fix it so far. Any idea?
Got 2 SMA sunnyboys with static ip’s and port is default 502.

The new version of the app that I have created will soon be out in beta, but I have so far not done much changes to the storage device type given that I don’t own one and cant test changes.

The only way to really see what is going on in your case is to run the app in debug mode, which means deploying it locally using athom cli. Is that something you have done before and can do?
[HOW TO] CLI install method

The beta version is out in the app store. Please try it out and let me know what you think :smiley:

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That works way better :grinning: Thank you!

Find both the SB3000 and 6000 I have, thanks!

and it is sooooo great to have the sma home manager 2.0 supported now :slight_smile:

thank you so much, @Richard_B

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Nice update!

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I have seen very limited interest in installing and trying out the TEST version. Based on that I’ll push the version 2 of the app to LIVE during next week.

Works like a charm!