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[APP] Smart Presence

Would it be possible to add another category?

This would be useful as kids have a different behavior.
They often leave their phone charging while out playing with friends. And I would like to trigger when adults and guest leave. But still trigger if kids arrive (first person). If that makes sense.


Yes totally agree, never thought of it that way… but now last person left means all phones are gone, and what you are saying as well, my kids often leave their phones at home, charging.

@Genghes @Martijn_Hoogenbosch

V 0.7.5 with support for kids. Missing translations for most languages, but please test :slight_smile:


V. 0.7.6 with languages. Thanks to @Eternity @fantross @Morgan @GerNie for translating!

Please test :slight_smile:

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Danish OK.

Wow… That was quick… :wink:

I have installed it and will test it this week.
Looks perfect. I have now changed my flows.
So lets see how it works when we and the kids leave and arrive at different intervals.