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[APP] SolarEdge

Everything is connected and I receive data in homey now. But the consumption value is too low if I compare to the iOS app, any ideas?
Almost half it looks like…

Consumption is a calculated value.
Do you have a 3 or 1 phase inverter?

The values ar realtime, the iOS app has a +/- 1 minute delay

3 phase I think, googled it :blush:?

SE10K is the model name

The solar power value seems ok, but consumption value is now too high. It was too low when not producing…

Can you check if your export or import value is correct?

The calculation is:
Consumption = solar-export

(If importing, export is negative)

Solar and export are raw values

Import value is not correct, too small, export is now zero

Hmm I will have to check.
If you multiply the import/export value by 10, is it then correct? If this is the case, I have to look again into the Scale Factors

The numbers looks totally wrong, can’t find any relation. Your calculation is ok like you described above. Can it be that only one phase is used? I have a 3 phase inverter. The solar energy looks ok but import and export values is wrong.

I found the bug, it was indeed only measuring 1 phase.
I will update the app later today.

Perfect, very good support and quick response. How do you think about polling time? If I put it to like 5 sec, will this affect the workload on the homey a lot or what do you suggest?
Again, Thank you! Very good app!

No it doesn’t matter for Homey.
Only if there is a delay in data transmission or timeout, the app wil become confused and will eventually crash.

Just try and error, the minimum is now set at 2 seconds.

Hi Pieter,

I didn’t notice any issues with retrieving data anymore as mentioned in the post of April 8th.

I think it was an issue because I had also done some modbus readings using a Python script on my computer.

So for now the app is working correct for the last 2 days.
Thanks :pray:

Now it seems ok! Thanks for a very good app!

It looks like the app is not stable.
At certain moments the app is’t showing the right values. The solution is then to restart the app. On the inverter it says connected.
This happened for me several times the last days.

In the next graph you see the flat lines where the app isn’t working:

Homey Insights shows this performance of the app:

I guess this happens when there is a network issue and the data is not in sync anymore

What is your polling interval.

I have to investigate how to fix this

The polling interval was 10. I have set it to 20 now.

Also an interval of 20 gives problems.
On the inverter Modbus TCP: Connected but the app on Homey has received data 2 hours ago.
You have received an diagnostic report with ID: d398a096-1842-4f2a-8ef3-7efcb19d4128

I can see in your log a “ECONNRESET”
This means the other side of the TCP conversation abruptly closed its end of the connection. (loss of internet or wifi)

Currently the app stays connected to the inverter all the time (connected)
Even if an error appears or no data is received, it will stay connected and just try again after 5 seconds
Only when the connection is really ended (loss of network), it will disconnect.
I will implement some advanced settings, that you can change this 5 seconds and that you can disable to auto retry. (so the app will disconnect from the inverter, and automatically try to reconnect after +/- 60 seconds)

You can try the test version


Okay I will do.