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hello, Thanks for this app I have been able to link up a few sonoff zigbee devices. My questions is is it possible to make these devices work with alexa at all as I have some lights in alexa via the Ikea tradfi and want the motion sensor to turn them on. I know I can add the lights to homey but then I have to pair them with home rather than than the ikea gateway which I dont want to do as thats paired to my apple homekit. I hope this question all makes sence :slight_smile:

Hi @Jamie_Higgs, I don’t think a Homey sensor can trigger anything in Alexa so far. What you can do is to install the IKEA Gateway app in Homey, all your IKEA lights will then be available in Homey and you can have a sensor trigger them. Alexa will then get the status from the IKEA Gateway.

that sounds good which app should i use i can see a couple ?

This: IKEA Trådfri Gateway | Homey

Hi thx for that app. I add some days ago 2 sonoff motion sensors they are working fine. But now, i can’t put some new motion sensors to the app also not the ZBMINI. If i want to add a new device i get only a blank screen. Can you help me? homey 5.0.0-rc.53

Hi @Peter_Hartung, if you are unable to add a device even as a generic Zigbee the problem is not in the app but with Homey. please try pulling the plug for 11 minutes, if this does not help contact Athom.

PS. Always make sure you have enough routing devices among the first 20 Zigbee devices you have added to Homey, else you will not be able to add additional units.

Hi, i don’t know what you mean with generic zigbee :frowning:
The Motion Sensor is working now but it don’t find the Mini. I have the Wi-Fi DIY Smart Switch. Is this the wrong one?

Hi again. Yes, this app only handle Zigbee.