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[APP] Swedish Weather Forecast

Please see Norwegian translation below. Hope you can use it.


“weather_situation1”: “Klarvær”,
“weather_situation2”: “Stort sett klart”,
“weather_situation3”: “Skiftende skydekke”,
“weather_situation4”: “Skiftende skydekke”,
“weather_situation5”: “Lettskyet”,
“weather_situation6”: “Overskyet”,
“weather_situation7”: “Tåke”,
“weather_situation8”: “Lette regnskurer”,
“weather_situation9”: “Regnskurer”,
“weather_situation10”: “Kraftige regnskurer”,
“weather_situation11”: “Torden”,
“weather_situation12”: “Underkjølt lett regn”,
“weather_situation13”: “Underkjølt regn”,
“weather_situation14”: “Underkjølt kraftig regn”,
“weather_situation15”: “Lett snø”,
“weather_situation16”: “Snøbyger”,
“weather_situation17”: “Kraftige snøbyger”,
“weather_situation18”: “Lett regn”,
“weather_situation19”: “Regn”,
“weather_situation20”: “Kraftig regn”,
“weather_situation21”: “Tåke”,
“weather_situation22”: “Lett sludd”,
“weather_situation23”: “Sludd”,
“weather_situation24”: “Kraftig sludd”,
“weather_situation25”: “Lett snøfall”,
“weather_situation26”: “Snø”,
“weather_situation27”: “Kraftig snøfall”,
“weather_situation”: “Ukjent værsituasjon”,
“precipitation_situation0”: “Ingen nedbør”,
“precipitation_situation1”: “Snø”,
“precipitation_situation2”: “Snø og regn”,
“precipitation_situation3”: “Regn”,
“precipitation_situation4”: “Lett regn”,
“precipitation_situation5”: “Underkjølt regn”,
“precipitation_situation6”: “Underkjølt lett regn”,
“precipitation_situation”: “Ukjent nedbørsmengde”,
“direction1”: “Nord”,
“direction2”: “Nord-Vest”,
“direction3”: “Vest”,
“direction4”: “Syd-Vest”,
“direction5”: “Syd”,
“direction6”: “Syd-Øst”,
“direction7”: “Øst”,
“direction8”: “Nord-Øst”,
“month1”: “Jan”,
“month2”: “Feb”,
“month3”: “Mar”,
“month4”: “Apr”,
“month5”: “Mai”,
“month6”: “Jun”,
“month7”: “Jul”,
“month8”: “Aug”,
“month9”: “Sep”,
“month10”: “Okt”,
“month11”: “Nov”,
“month12”: “Des”

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Hi Christian, thanks! :slight_smile:
I’ll add it to the next update (planned within a week or so).

// Johan

Hi Johan, am I missing something or how do I force the app to fetch new data?

Hi there, hmm… it should update by it self on a regular basis. You force an update by changing any setting for the location.

Reinstall did the trick :see_no_evil:

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@johan_bendz All works fine. Thank you for your work!
Only thing i am missing is a variable for Frost, would it be possible to add?

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Is the pollendata still available? Im getting this
Picture from stockholm.

Hi @Mike4got, sorry to say the API being used has been closed and that was the only source for pollen data in Sweden. (unless one wants to fetch data from public webpages… )

With the next update to the app I will remove that device.

Frost is a good idea, I’ll look into it! Thanks!

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My app is not updating, I have re-installed it 2 times put it want work…

Any tips for what to do??

Hi @vikestad, can you please send a crash report from the app.


Did I do it correct with the crash report?? :sweat_smile:
Not a expert on using Homey yet…



It would be very helpful with a similar function as “There will be Rain or Snow” but for sunny weather, so that you easily can create flows for screens etc.
“There will be Sun” - should also include partly cloudy etc.

Hi again @vikestad.

Crash report received :slight_smile:

It looks like SMHI does not like the number of decimals your location provide for GPS coordinates. Try setting the location coordinates manually with a max of 4 decimals.

Hi @MrMuri and thanks for the suggestion! :slight_smile: I will look into adding this.

Thanks for quick response, I have now tried to use only 4 decimals but still not updating, 8hrs since I changed it but still not updated…
Any other trick in the book I can try??


@vikestad. Just sent you a pm

Hi Johan!

I have tried using the app but when I do my test, nothing happens. I have sent a picture of my settings. Can you see whats wrong?

Hi @Philip_Hogsten, hmm… I will take a look at the app after I’m done updating my Zigbee apps to use the SDK3. I think something is broken as several ppl report issues with different cards.