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[APP] Swedish Weather Forecast

Hi, Johan!

For some reason I lost my military time and the time also added seconds I guess :slight_smile: possible to somehow turn it back to military time, so it would say 22:00 instead of 10:00:00

Cheers and thanks for all your hard work!

Hi @Johan_Sorensen and thanks for making me aware of this issue! I too see the wrong time format in the app. It looks like Athom have made a small change in how Homey handle system time and my code needs to be updated (or they will have to fix theirs…). I’ll look into what is the best solution.

Hi @Johan_Sorensen, please try this new version of the app (in test mode).

Works wonders, thanks!! Im using all this data with a tablet in kiosk mode. is it somehow possible to add a virtual button or device to change the / tid till prognos. without having to access the advanced settings of the app.

Im also reciving a blank value when its 0% chance for ex thunder. but i think that has to do with home assistant cause it shows just fine in homey.

Great to hear. I just fixed what was broken in that version. If you see that it works as it should I can release it to live channel and add a few more fixes/new features to a test version. I could create a flow card for the setting, will be looking into that. I also have requests to add flow cards for “will it rain in next x hours” and likes… have been playing around with cards like that but Zigbee rewrite took all free time so nothing ready.

Everything so far in the (test) app works perfectly. The possibilities for those cards in a future update would be awesome!

No rush Johan, and good luck with the re-write, and thank you for all your hard work.

Don’t forget to add a donation link to the app :slight_smile:

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Hi! I installed two “devices” and set one current and one to 5 hours ahead. After changing setting, it updates, but awhile later it is the same as the current one (including timestamp).

Hi @nmeden, can you please try Swedish Weather Forecast from SMHI | Homey

That seems to work! :+1:

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Seems as a great app. But where do i change the language?

Hi Johan,

Thank you for this app! I’ve been using it for quite a while to get updates on Pollen information. However, it seems that I haven’t gotten an update in Pollen info since October 2020 (Didn’t think too much of it since there was snow everywhere, until now). I tried re-installing the app several times, as well as your testversion. Nothing seems to work. I have created a debug-rapport: 13fdb5f9-8fca-491c-9bc5-d0ff49fc68d1

Regards, Jesper

Language is set depending on your Homeys default language.

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Sadly the API for Pollen has been closed and the owner of the data is asking for a ridiculous sum of money to open it for use in Homey. (> € 2 000 a month) So… I have removed Pollen functionality from the app. If you still have “Pollen Device” installed you can delete it/them.

Not sure if I should also post this as a bug in Github, but also be nice to share here if anyone else encounter same issue:

Trying to run a simple flow to check if weather is ok (Clear sky). But seems to me that there is a issue with Homey is set to Norwegian, and “weather conditions” in dropdown are set to English terms. It seems like “Klarvær” aka. “Clear sky” should have triggered this Flow to be running:

Better explained in this screenshot from Flow and SMHI-card. I’m running the test version BTW: …/Swedish-Weather-Forecast-from-SMHI/test/

Could it be that it expects the English term in condition?

Hi @Torstein, the problem is that not all Weather situations have been translated to Norwegian. :frowning: My bad… I’ll release an update asap.


Do you have any timeline of when the correct translated version will be available? I’m eager to test it out if you release it to: —> se.swefa/Swedish-Weather-Forecast-from-SMHI/test/

Please let me know :slight_smile:

Just installed the app for some testing, but either when using lon/lat input (DD.DDD format, for exampler: N70.0000 E10.000) or homey position i get no data in the viewer. I have tried both lon/lat locations in Norway where I live and in Sweden. Same result.

This makes it a bit tricky to set up flowas and udnerstand what is going on in the app.

Did you really install the testversion as mentioned in the comment before? Íve got the same result, but the testversion is working!

Hi all. The live version of the app have some known issues, the test version will fix those. I am finishing a new live version that will solve all outstanding issues that I am aware of.