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[APP] Tank Level Meter TF-FT002

Wow ! Wow ! … so now my question is answered :wink:

Btw, you shall be using some “reference” code for Amazon, such a pity they don’t have it :wink:

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Here is my reference code :wink:

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:wink: You bet I will donate, just need to order that device :wink: Really, thank you !

was looking in to an automated irrigation system with a water barrel and pump. Looked at it this week to order but the price increased from 26Euro to 55Euro :neutral_face:

Can order it at Ali for 36Euro :slight_smile:

And what about https://www.amazon.de/-/en/gp/product/B07NY1WC96/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=A1JSXUTTTNUJKP / isn’t it the same ?

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Just beware, it’s seller from China … ;-(

@Gruijter , would you mind to share some details photo, where the condensation might get in ? I read in the reviews that many people got this broken due to the condensations…I assume you didn’t face this issue yet, right ? I’m waiting for delivery, but I would like to immediately close all the gaps…

Eg. read comments : Denis Hare Issue with TS FT002 May2019 - YouTube

Well, it is only running for a few days now. So I cannot vouch for the quality after a while. But basically I just put a plastic bag over the unit to prevent it from getting soaking wet when it rains. Works so far :slight_smile:

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It has been raining enough to fill my rain barrel fully. The level is 10cm below the sensor now. My barrel is only around 1m high, and the tap is at around 20cm height from the bottom. Measured from the sensor mounted on top, the water level fluctuates between 75cm (lowest level at tap height) and 10cm (highest level)

But as per specification of the device, it stops reporting when the distance is below 50cm (52cm in my case to be exact). That means in the app I have to set 50cm as the max level, while it actually should be 10cm.

The result is I can only measure the bottom half of my barrel. This is no big issue. I will know when the barrel is less then half empty, but will not know how full exactly the barrel is when filled more then 50%.

I’m a half empty kind of guy anyway :smirk:

So for anyone looking to buy this device: be aware that it best performs on high tanks.

:rofl: :rofl:

My wife tells me the same… But I think when home automation is your hobby you cannot be a “a half full kind of guy” very long

It has rained some more. And I thought my barrel was full, but it wasn’t at all. It is still filling up. The sensor is now showing an airgap of 36cm. That is much better than the minimum of 50cm the specs state. And I think it hasnt reached the limit yet.

Now Im confused. I would like a sunny weekend, but also with rain…

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The app has been installed by a steadily increasing number of people in the past week. Would anyone like to share their experiences?

@Thomas_W ?
@Arrow ?

I think the app works perfect. Unfortunately the sensor was the deal breaker for me. It did not read the right levels in my salt reservoir. Salt crystals are reflecting the signals in all directions I guess, but it was worth the try. The App installed easily and got access to the data. Well done. +1


And how about your expetiences @Sharkys ? Or did you not receive the device yet?

Still waiting :wink: , yet it will take some time to install it anyway, as I’m worried about humidity as I will be installing somehow like on those pictures…


or like


Thinking about putting it to some microtene bag …

Btw, interesting discussion - Zisternen Tankfüllstand für wenig Geld - Off Topic - homee | Community

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I imagine that this would work well with an oil tank?


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Received the sensor from a…n. Seems to work good with the app. Add the sensor works fine. But unfortunately the distance from homey to the tank (15m) seems to be too far. After the Installation of the sensor in the tank there are no more updates… :frowning:

I will try later to find a solution for this issue.

That is unfortunate. Homey has a very poor radio range. Only solution would be bringing Homey and the sensor closer together. Or maybe boost Homey 433 reception with an antenna mod if you like to gamble and experiment…