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[App] Tasmota MQTT

Strange never heard about this problem before. An application is written in a way to prevent it. The only explanation I could think of is problems with resource allocation on the Homey side (not enough memory). Can you try to reboot Homey by disconnecting it from power and try to add the Tasmota device again after that?
If it will not help, I will explain how to send a bug report with logs and analyze this problem.

Hi everybody,

Here is the new test version 0.10.0: Tasmota MQTT | Homey
It is just a test version I will not publish it to release (want to do some improvements). So this version supports the device icon change. To change the icon you should select: Device settings → Advanced Settings → Device icon. A couple of limitations: 1. This functionality will only work for newly added devices. For old devices attempt to change icons will do nothing. 2. You can only use icons from the list and cant add yours (maybe I will add possibility to add custom icons in future). 3. Icon will be applied only after application restart (that’s the time when Homey front end picking up icons from storage). Immediately after icon change, you will see no difference. 4. If you will change the device icon and then revert back to the stable version (v.0.9.3) icon will still be the same as you set in 0.10.0. 5. Icon change now works only for tasmota devices (not working for Zigbee sensors yet)
Here is a reference picture for icons you can apply for your devices:

The name of the file is the name of the item in the settings dropdown box (just replace _ with space and make the first letter capital).
Let me know if everything works and also if you would like to see icons for other device types.

Wow amazing set already! I will definitely change my devices to the new version. But will I have to re-add them in the future for a final release?

Also for the other device types, I have some requests. You already have many types of lamps/lights, but only one for curtains. I use switches on:
Curtains (yours look fine!)
Roller shutters ( something like this? Roller Shutter Door - Free buildings icons)
Suhshades (mine are what they call “Zonnescherm” Iconen tekenen voor Pals zonwering Boskoop | Rhapsody Ontwerpt)
Other types of curtains or blinds (like Curtain Blind Icon Set Design Stock Vector (Royalty Free) 1383449000)

Greet work Pav,


@pavlo Nice!

Did you also see one of the latest updates of the MQTT Device?

It allows both uploading a custom icon & selecting one of 5955 material design icons:

Maybe its just copy/paste of functionality?

Trying to add devices… I think something is not right yet :sweat_smile:

Also my previous devices (lights and shutters) were unresponsive. Downgraded and now everything works.
Will this update break all existing devices? I thought you only had to recreate when you wanted another icon?

Also Harrie’s solution looks very nice! Maybe it would also save you so dev work?

@HarriedeGroot Nice job. Haven’t seen it. Will definitely check your solution for custom icons before starting mine. Thanks for letting me know.

Sorry for that. This directory exists in my Homey because of my previous experiments so I was not aware that it is not working when you install it from scratch. Please, check the fixed version Tasmota MQTT | Homey. And thanks for the ideas for new icons I will check them.

@pavlo Custom icons part is also ‘borrowed’ from the Virtual Devices app.
I would like to also allow PNG uploads, but didn’t look into it yet.
The copied implementation does a conversion from SVG to base64 string, don’t know the reason behind this choice and if its neccesairy at all.

Thanks for the explanations!

No. It will work in all feature releases.

It shouldn’t brake existing devices so you need to read them only if you want to change icons. You got unresponsive devices because app crashed. In fixed version everything should be OK :slight_smile: