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[APP] Tesla Smart Charger

it’s working here

Unfortunately I can’t log in because of the captcha problems. Hopefully you can find some time to fix this.

Time is not the problem here, but finding a solution.

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@Mathijs_Kok @twinkil

Please check v. 1.4.0, which is in test now:

With this version you should be able to log in with a refresh token.

Create the refresh token with “Auth app for Tesla” for iOS, or the “Tesla Tokens” app for Android.

Use the refresh token when adding the Tesla to Homey.

Please report back if things are OK or not OK :slight_smile:

Yes, I’m able to login! Great job.
Downside is that a token is only 6 weeks valid.

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The app will download a new refresh token every time it refreshes the access token. So I think it should work.


Great app =D

Will there be any boombox actions in the future?