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[APP] Tesla Smart Charger

The app cannot know the state of the car, e.g driving or charging, without polling (data fetch) or if you use a flow (condition or action) that fetches the state.

So if you start driving and use a flow, then the app will know right away that it’s driving.
If you use data fetch with an interval of 10 minutes for example, it will take a maximum of 10 minutes before the app sees state, and it will then fetch the state every minute.

When you are driving and the app knows that, it will also start “streaming”, where a smaller set of data will be updated with a higher frequency, e.g. speed, gps location, etc.

The previous app could detect that without waking up the car each time. The moment i started driving or charging it knows what i was doing without polling each time keeping my car awake.

OK, thank you @LukDG
This is interesting. I will look at it.

I see that the old app tracked location with two different intervals (parked and driving). The tracking will fail if the car is asleep with an error ({:error=>"vehicle unavailable:"}), but will be successful of course as you start driving. You are right. :slight_smile:

I will fix this in the next release.

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V. 1.2.4 is ready for testing:

  • Will track changes as the car wakes up
  • A fix to the authentication due to a change in the Tesla backend servers
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I now have these settings.

If I understand you correctly, will my settings update the status every 1 minute when the car is awake and only every 60 minutes when it is asleep?

No, not exactly.

With 60 minutes, and data fetch enabled, it will check the status of the car every 60 minutes. That will wake the car up if it is asleep, and it will stay awake for 10 minutes. The 10 minute awake period is by Tesla’s design.

With the latest release (v. 1.2.4), it will also see that the car awakes, and if it start charging or driving it will continue to fetch data every minutes until it stops charging or driving.

With v.1.2.4 the geolocation worked again last night

Will it fetch the data even if Fetch the data is disabled?


if “Data fetch enabled” is unchecked, the regular data fetching is disabled.

But, the app will see when the car awakes, and then fetch data as it’s charging or driving.


Works! Thx! Location capabilities more acurate now if you drive between the regular checks (60 min default setting)

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Thats great now, thanks a lot!

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Seems like today it is not always detecting when i’m driving. What can i check to prove my point?

Charging now… but not visible in the Homey

Don’t worry, We’ll find a solution for this that works :slight_smile:

I have install Tesla Smart Charger app. When I try to add my car (log in to Tesla account) i get time out after 30 sec. App: 1.2.4. FW 5.0.0

Same here, at first I got to the point where I could give the MFA code, but now it times out before that. Haven’t linked the car yet, and did try a reinstall of the app.

I don’t have MFA activated so i get just time out after 30 sec.

@Christer_Sjostrom @superOzz Seems like Tesla have changed the backend servers again :frowning:

I will try to fix, but might take some time.

@Christer_Sjostrom @superOzz

Install the v. 1.2.5

Please report back if it works now as expected :slight_smile:

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