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Hi all,

i am very new to Home Automation and had struggling some days to get my plugs and Smart Strip Light from LSC/Tuya working. Thx to the great Tuya Cloud app its is working now. Is it normal that there are just On/Off possibilities instead in the Smartlife app you can manage timers etc… For the Smart Strip Light i only can turn on and off an set the brightness, no colors, no fade, no blinking? Is this normal or do i have to do something else?

Many thx

@Brosj72, Color mode is not supported for led strips, only brightness and color temperature. By caling a scene in a Homey flow, you can trigger Cloud app tap to run scenes.

Okay, im getting very frustrated now.
it is said that you simply enter your username as given with the first login in the tuya app.
I didn’t have to?

just my phonenumber and a password.
and when I use my phonenumber as username it’s not accepted.

Just go to the settings of the app and add a username.


did that already.
besides the fact that that username seems only for local offline in-app usage (you can give any name you want, it doesn’t conflict with any already given username) it does not work as an username in the Tuya Cloud Settings for Homey.

The only thing I can imagine is that my Tuya account is too new and first need to be enrolled in the network within the first few hours?


You are not gonna believe this :rofl: :joy: :rofl:
I went to Github and looked into the code of the app as made by Jurgen.
What I saw:

The Countrycode for The Netherlands is set as 528 :rofl:

The correct code is 31.
This one is given too Azerbaijan. :roll_eyes:
I simply selected Azerbaijan to login and voila!


Haha, very logic indeed facepalm :stuck_out_tongue:

Im using the smart Life app. I just never registered the phone number. But there is three things:
Username (probably just locally)
Email: Thats what im using for login. (if you havent added email, maybe that could work?)
Phone: never added.

Nice app, easy to configure, but it looks like it’s not reading The status of the switch, I have added a wall switch with two Buttons, the app does not seem to read The current status, if I for example turn The switch on manually it does not show in the Homey app, if I turn the switch on or off in the smart life app the status does not change in the Homey app

This is work in progress from Jurgen Heine:

@Patrick_B, late reaction, I was verry bussy. The code table I used was the country code table ISO 3166-1 on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_3166-1_numeric . In this table 31 is indeed asigned to Azerbeidjan. I live also in the Netherlands, and the telephone code is 31 for Netherlands. So this is different then the ISO country codes. If I look at table for telephone codes, it’s a mess, so selecting number with country dropdown is hard to accomplish. In one of the next updates I will remove dropdown en let user enter the number directly. I looked futher at the country code, if you use email the field is required, but it doesn’t matter what put in. But when using telephone number, the field has to be correct. I only tested with email.

@Jordi_Visbeen, @Annie and @Matz_R, the app should check the latest status every 5 seconds and set the status if it is changed. I have updated the code in version 0.0.5. Apparently it doesn’t work in all cases. I will try to investigate why the status update is not successful.


Hey again. Have anybody checked if this app alos will work with the tuya waterleaking sensor?

App doesn’t work with sensors. See first post.


I am trying to configure your Tuya CLoud app but keeps running into an error about faulty credentials.
And i am sure i am using te right one.
Switching between Tuya and Smartlife gives no succes.
Deleted en reinstalled the app several times.
Native LSC app is working perfect with the same credentials.

What am i doing wrong ?


You have to use the smartlife app instead

Is it correct that the cloud app is also not capable to manage the colors in a smartlamp ? (I know it does not with the stript)
I only can change some white variants but that is also not working properly.


I had this problem with some colour + white flood lights and it seems the Tuya data is not being formatted correctly so it has no colour information in it. This seems to be a problem with the HA custom API that Tuya are not supporting very well. I hope one day Tuya will fix it but until then I use the Tuya WiFi app to control them.

@pvkan, @Adrian_Rockall is correct, the Tuya HA api is not sending and accepting the color data for all lights. However you van use scenes to control the lights. Make a scene in the Tuya/ Smart life app and call this scene from a homey flow.

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i use the rollershutter from MAXCIO and i manage these with tuya app.

What is the best way to find out the key and id???

With best regards

Thanks for creating this app, i keep getting this error: Please configure the app first.
I cant find the setting where i can set it it to Business. Can anybody point me in the right direction? Thanks

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