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The issue was already known to me. The values from Homey are from 0.1-1.0, but Tuya API needs other values. The first Tuya light bulbs needed value from 0 -255 for non color mode and needed 0-100 for color mode. Those values are now hardcoded and copied from original Home Automation project.

This was working well for a period of time, but Tuya started to use other light drivers, some are fully supported ( first generation), others partially supported( colors not working) and others aren’t supported at all( Zigbee lights with gateway) by the API. Apparently different ranges are needed now for those newer models.

The API is unfortunallity only telling it’s a light, but it doesn’t tell which model. So I can’t distinguish the different models, I only know it’s a light so I can’t implement different ranges for different models.

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Ah ok. Makes Sense how you put it.

Thanks. It is what it is Jurgen!

Is it possible to add the four socket power strip please?

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Sockets/switch is already supported. But I don’t know if multiple are supported, if they don’t work with the current implementation than it’s not possible.

O.K., to bad.
Thank you for your feedback; much appreciated.

I have a four socket power strip, only three sockets are available. In the Zigbee version, the four sockets are available.

I think it stops here for me with Tuya. I must admit, I was interested by their approach, but feel as if their implementation is lacking. Power consumption not available in the API is another dealbreaker.

I can only agree with you. The Tuya implementation gives problems. Their official API is only for bussiness and you have to pay yearly fee for it. The Home automation API, which is used by this Tuya cloud app, is lacking support for a lot of devices and becomes cripled by time-outs. To use local control you even have to make a develloper account. The Zigbee light devices arent using standard commands for color, but needs modified commands. I think they only care for bussinesses who are selling their devices with their ecosystem.

Hi, i Wonder myself, as i have this opener, vant find the opener in the Tuya app on the Homey.

Dunno what you mean with opener, but these devices are supported

But, by working with Tuya Cloud “Scenes” card, you can control anything that works with the Tuya app on your phone.
I explained it 14 messages ago:

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Sorry, i ment «Garage Door Opener», anyway, well explained from you, im new to Homey, but did as you wrote, and now everyting works fine, thank you!! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Nice! Thanks for letting me know.

@Jurgen_Heine, you planning on intergrating the doorsensor?
Depending on your answer I’ll buy different brand or continue buying the Tuya sensors.

Sensors are not possible, they are not supported by the API this app uses.

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Does someone have a hint please?

I added a tuya blind motor to the android TuyaSmart app today. Works fine. Adding to Tuya Cloud app does not seem to work… It won’t find my device. I’ve tried already several app settings. The same device is already in use by another user, also with this app. so I assume it should work. I’m in Belgium.

Thanks in advance for your help!!