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[APP] Tuya Zigbee App

Hi Johan,

We have a lot of Zigbee devices. We have checked they are not in the supported list.
May I know how to get the Manufacturer ID, Product ID, Device ID and Profile ID?

The instruction is in the first post.

Hi @Reneco - one question regarding the 2 / 3 gang switches from Lonsonho (the ones without neutral) - do you know if it’s possible to connect 1 gang to an actual light and then use the other switch (without connecting it to an lead wire) to trigger flows?

As long as it is connected to homey, it knows that your pressing the button, you can do whatever flows you want from it, no need to connect a lamp or anything else…your right…

Please add this when you get time :slightly_smiling_face:

EJLINK Zigbee Single Switch No Neutral

Manufacturer ID: _TZ3000_f8tmviy0
Product ID: TS0001

E: Sorry did not notice that you require an interview of the device. I will add it when i get a chance to connect the switch again. Removed it for now because LED bulbs flicker (need to add a capacitor).

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Did you manage to get support for these Radiator Valves?

I have 2 at the moment, one connected through a standard Tuya ZigBee Hub, and one connected through deConz and then implented in home assistant… But would prefer to have them through Homey.

Can recommend them to other interested buyers, if they get supported… I have 3 Netamo and 1 Eurotronic Zigbee, and the Tuya ones are just as good build quality at 25€ a piece on AliExpress…

Happy to test anything if neede.

Cheers for the good work…

Thank you for feedback of it. I am very glad that it has a good quality. I am waiting for 11 of it to come.

Hey @johan_bendz
So could see that you only added Producent ID: _TZ2000_hjsgdkfl for firmware v5 and also that you are not able to update for firmware 4+. I guess because you already updated the firmware on you own homey.

I am not yet ready to update to experimental as I do worry about the rest of my various devices will stop working. Would it be possible to get the source code for firmware v4 as I guess it is not open?

V4 has little zigbee support . Most devices can’t work on v4 . If you want so live your life safe then you will just have to wait .

V5 is al lot more stable then the v4 stable . Can confirm that on 45 homeys :joy:

Yes but I am still pretty sure it would work for the BW-IS4. I am also pretty sure I could add the specific product id to an existing driver if I had the source code.

What I am not 100% sure of is that all the other apps are ready for v5. I would like to wait for the official release of v5 to update.

Hi @Palle_Mertz, it’s Athoms implementation of the app store that makes me unable to update a firmware 4 App after publishing a test version of the app for firmware 5. I have several Homeys running both 4.2 and 5. :smiley:

If you have a look at the top post in this topic there is a complete list of what manufacturerNames and ProductID’s I have already added. What else manufacturerName so you want added? It’s a small effort for me to add more codes to already supported devices.

Sorry, but I am not ready to make the repository public just yet, I will after Athom have released a Live firmware 5. So far there is just to much that can change.

Ye my manufacturerName is on the list: _TZ2000_hjsgdkfl but only for v5.

But would it be possible to either give me access to fork or just send me a copy of the latest for v4 firmware? I have no intention on publishing it just to fix and put on my own device.


I try since two days to add the LCD temperature devices
I put the device in pairing mode, Homey reacts but after a few seconds i can see on screen “the device stopped responding”

Homey 5.0.0rc38
Tuya zigbee experimental V0.1.13 (does not seems to update to more recent since yesterday install)

any hint on what i did wrong?

Dear @johan_bendz, I see that device TS130F has status work in progress. But I just want to check that it is _TZ3000_8kzqqzu4 manufacturer.

And don’t get me wrong, I know you are no Atom employee and do not get money for you work. But I want to know what devices will be added next and when? Approximately of course.

Nevermind the source code.

I created my own driver app for it … it was not that hard. (missing the icons though :))

@Viking42 Did you already pull the plug on homey ?

Hi @MarcoRuiter good idea,
however it did not help “the device stopped responding”

For that you’ll have to wait for the next release in experimental. That should solve a lot of those issues

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Maby you can try it with MQTT in Ha and request it with the mqtt client on Homey?