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[APP] Tuya Zigbee App

Hi @Rotkiv, it looks a bit different but your interview data imply it’s the same device as the ones I am working on.

Hi @Jos_den_Hollander, I will add support for all the device id’s once the units are working. If that is a new version I will have a look at it as soon as the other units are supported.

Nicely done @Charles! :smiley: :+1: :beer:

I will have a look at the PR tomorrow.

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Hi @Daan_Vermeulen, thanks for the notice and crash log. I will have a look at it this weekend.

Hi @Mar_Vest, I have it on my todo list.

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Hi Johan,
Glad to see you back and hoping all is better on your end.
Just a little reminder of my previous messages # 1253 and # 1254 which are a bit dated in case you missed it.
Thank you in advance.

Hi @PhiPir, yeah… I have surely missed other comments too… :frowning: Sorry for that.

Those are pretty forward, should be easy to add either as device id’s to supported devices or as new units… Added them to my todo list.

Thnx. I’ll try to find out how you do it. Find it very interesting.


FYI just added Blitzwolf Water Leak to the current PR

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Hi Johan!
Would be nice if you could add support for this two devices:

“Nedis PIR Sensor” Modell: ZBSM10WT EAN: 5412810329458
Producer-ID: TUYATEC-bd5faf9p Product-ID: RH3040

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

€ 7,06 58% Off | Tuya ZigBee 1-4 Gang Wireless Scene Switch Push Button Controller Battery Powered Automation Scenario for Tuya Devices

It was an Aliexpress purchase.

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Hi @Robert_Djarv, it’s already supported in the test version of the app: Tuya Zigbee | Homey

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OK, thanks. There are so many kinds of those units that I don’t know if it’s a tiny pocket button, wall mounted button or something in-between without actually looking at it :joy:

Oops. I had missed this one. Now added to todo list.

The device got added but can’t be used.
Only got error ”Device could not be initilized”

@johan_bendz ,

First of, happy to have you on board again :)! Just making sure the woox irrigation control (_TZ3210_eymunffl, TS0101) didn’t slip below your radar?

Thanks for all that you do!

Hi Johan, I would be happy to lend you my device (curtain module TZ3000_vd43bbfq) and even pay the back & forward shipping cost, or bring it personally depending on your location. (I assume you are in NL right?). At the moment i can’t use the device anyway… ;). I’m looking forward to automate my sunscreen, specifically at these sunny days…

Edit: I just read you live in Sweden, the shipping cost for lending my device will be higher than just buying you a new one from Aliexpress. How can i help to get you a device? Donate the amount via paypal, or actually ordering it using your delivery adress?

I think he lives in Sweden :wink:

Hmm… OK… Can you please restart the app, try to use the device and then send a crash report from the app?

No worries, it’s on the todo list. :slight_smile:

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