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[APP] TuyAPI / Neo Coolcam wall plug WIFI app

Hi. Thank you.
Now there’s no error shown but I it’s not working (if I switch on or off nothing happens).
Tell me if I can help you to help me :grin:

I don’t know what this symbol in the upper right means…

You’re the man!!! Thank you!!

Thanks a lot! Worked like a charm!

I’ve installed all the devices with the key and ID now and I can see the power, but it only refreshes if I switch them on/off or when I open de Tuya App and check the power there. Is there a settings I’m missing on how to make it refresh every now and then when it’s turned on for a longer time?

Sinds update van homey, enkele weken zijn mijn slimme stekkers 3600w niet bereikbaar in homey, wel kan ik ze via homeydash bedienen en zie je in homey effectief aan of uit staan, ook historiek kan je zien.

Dus flows werken niet meer helaas :roll_eyes:

English please

And what version of the app are you running, have you tried adding the plugs again? It could very well be your KEY has changed. If that is the case, just changing the key doesn’t work properly (in my cases) and you should re-add the devices.

Hi i bought a heatpump from China that uses the SMart Life app. Is it possible to get this added to Homey?