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[APP] TuyAPI / Neo Coolcam wall plug WIFI app

Hi. Thank you.
Now there’s no error shown but I it’s not working (if I switch on or off nothing happens).
Tell me if I can help you to help me :grin:

I don’t know what this symbol in the upper right means…

You’re the man!!! Thank you!!

Thanks a lot! Worked like a charm!

I’ve installed all the devices with the key and ID now and I can see the power, but it only refreshes if I switch them on/off or when I open de Tuya App and check the power there. Is there a settings I’m missing on how to make it refresh every now and then when it’s turned on for a longer time?

Sinds update van homey, enkele weken zijn mijn slimme stekkers 3600w niet bereikbaar in homey, wel kan ik ze via homeydash bedienen en zie je in homey effectief aan of uit staan, ook historiek kan je zien.

Dus flows werken niet meer helaas :roll_eyes:

English please

And what version of the app are you running, have you tried adding the plugs again? It could very well be your KEY has changed. If that is the case, just changing the key doesn’t work properly (in my cases) and you should re-add the devices.

Hi i bought a heatpump from China that uses the SMart Life app. Is it possible to get this added to Homey?

Sweet! I’m using this app for over a year without any problem and in the beginning I’ve added them by the MITM function. But since that one got deprecated I was using the Tuya Cloud app for my newer Action (LSC) lightbulbs/powerplugs and every time I got annoyed with the delay of responding through the cloud.
Now I followed the steps on the Github page and added all the devices that were working through the Cloud app again with this app. Instant local response and everything works perfectly!
I really wonder why they don’t make a true local API and make it easy for the developers to create an app.

Maybe a little suggestion for the guide; when running tuya-cli wizard it asks for the ‘virtual ID’. This can be found in Cloud → Projects → Your projects name → Device List tab → Choose “App Account” in the dropdown and select your e-mail address → Choose a random device that is listed and click “Detail” on the right side → “Device ID” is the one you need!
Also, adding a device to the app doesn’t require you to fill in an IP if you have the ID from in the command line.

Kudos to you @Rens_Brandwijk, great work!

Hi @Rens_Brandwijk, AOFO power strip still not working! :disappointed:
The symbol on the device icon disappeared after a while, but I still can’t switch it on/off from the app.

EDIT: ID and KEY are static parameters, right? Or could they change due to firmware update or similar?

i ordered a multisocket tuya powerstrip so i can test it myself. I keep you posted.


Hi, I have four tuya shutter switches intergrated in Homey via your great app and they worked flawlessly during the last months. It happened sometimes that they were not available, but restarting the app did correct this always.
Now, from one day to the other, two of them constantly are not available anymore. I already did restart the app as well as Homey itself several times, but they remain unreachable.
I also deleted one of them and reconnected it in the app via “Generic Shutter” as well as “ANCC Shutter”, but that didn’t help. I noticed, that both unavailable shutter switches are labled as “acdream”, while from the other two still working switches one has no lable and the other is labled “aocc”. Visually all four switcehs are the same.
In Smartlife app all four switches do work flawlessly. I also checked that ip-address and decvice-/local key did not change.
Is there anything you could do to help me with this issue?

Edit: Tried to add one more shutter switch today which was added to smartlife app just before. Working in Smartlife app with no issues, but connecting it to Tuya app is not possible. IP, device-ID, local key is accepted, but there is no new device in Homey. Tried it as “Generic” as well as “ANCC”.

Edit2: Did also delete the shutter switch in Smartlife now, reset it and reconnected it to Smartlife. Device got a new local ID. But reconnecting it in Homey Tuya app still results in a device with status “not available”. I tried to connect the switch to the Tuya cloud app in Homey which works flawlessly, but with some delay.

Edit3: I bought a new ANCC branded shutter switch from Amazon which I could flawlessly connect to in Tuya app. But the up/down/stop buttons don’t work. They can be pressed and change their state, but the shutter doesn’t move. I connected to the switch as ANCC and Generic type, but the result is the same. I noticed that the device ID of that switch is 2 charachters longer (22 characters instead of 20) as all of my other tuya devices. Data atribute log of the device remains empty after button presses. Any more info you need that could help?


I installed the app and added my wifi smart led strip. it wont do the changes despite it gets connected by ID, KEY and IP

so i get connected but any changes i make nothing happens. I also tried with smart life uninstalled or “stopped”

is it because Tasmor is not supported?

best regards

TASMOR - wifi smart LED strip
Athom homey pro

Hello Rens,

Today i received my FlinQ Smart Mobile Airco 13000 BTU with wifi and app-support which is using the TUYA Smart app to control it. is it possible to add the FQC8152 device to control the airconditioning from my Homey?

would be awsome,


It’s now six weeks since the developer did repond here. Did he quit the develpment of this app?
If so, is there anyone who could (and is allowed to) take controll over the further development?
I mean I know the development is done in spare time after a regular job and I totally understand if someone needs a timeout. But with absolutly no “warning” just being absent for such a long time I fear the developer could just have totally quit the development for whatever reason.

Haven’t quit. Tuya strip came in a short while ago… And i know why it does not work anymore. Just haven’t found the time to fix it yet. (device related flow cards are a pain and the documention is minimal to say the least) in the latest sdk


Glad to hear that you are still developing the app!
Didn’t want to stress you, I was just sharing a thought that I had.

Hello Rens,

I am unable to add TUYA lights (KOE) to Tuya app (v2.1.3). I have Homey Pro 2.0 with firmware version 7.0.1.

Because of poor performance of lights managed via Tuya cloud I believed your Tuya app. might help. I have device ids and local keys, but I am struggling to add working device to Tuya app.

Any idea please? I will pay with gold :slight_smile:

Kind Regards,

Is it possible to connect directly to the devices, or is the cloud always used?
F.ex I have a DELTACO water valve, identical to this one from Tuya:

I’d like to be able to control this from Homey, has anyone tested? I don’t need any of the Tuya/DELTACO features, I just want “On/Off” from Homey.

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Does the “AOFO smart power strip” work for you? I’ve an AOFO and a Gosund power strip and can controll both of them fine via Smartlife App. I could connect both of them in Homey without issues. But I can’t controll them via Homey. Homey displays a state changing when I switch on and off via app, but the real plugs do not switch and vice versa.
Also all the “subswitches” (3x plugs plus USB) change state in the app and also remember their state, but the “All” switch state does not reflect or affect them. I mean I can have switch 1 and 3 on, while the “All” switch displays state off and when switching “All” to “on” none of the subswitches does change state.
Does anyone know about that problem?

The AOFO strip does not work properly with the latest version / update. I have to change some code around to get it working again i know where the problem is. Getting it working again from the UI s not the hard part.

In Homey 5 / the new SDK they have changed around some objects and how to build the flow cards. For standard flows this is easy but for custom flows, witch are needed because of the sub sockets or to be precise the listeners for those flows, its a pain. The documentation on device specific flows is i have no better word for it crap and i haven’t found the time yet to figure out how they intended this to work…