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[APP] TuyAPI / Neo Coolcam wall plug WIFI app

Oke, i just finished a fix for the AOFO (4 + USB) strip and added a NOUS (3 + usb) device. You can install / download it at the beta channel:

Please note that for now i have removed the flowcharts for the individual sockets. So you can only turn all the sockets on and off via flows. I plan to re-add those flow charts later in the stable release. But at least you can turn on and off the devices again via homey.

You might have to re-add the strip for them to work properly.

You can try to add it as a plug and see weather it turns open and close. And you can at least that way get me a log so i can add it assuming it behaves like a powered device.


first of all thank you for all efforts

i tried expermintal app with my TASMOR - wifi smart LED strip , but still didnt work. coulnd turn on or off

any suggestion?

Hi. I’ll try asap and let you know (I’m away for a month)

Hi @Rens_Brandwijk, are you planning to add support for the LSC Smart Flood light with sensor?


Hi @Rens_Brandwijk ,
I added the AOFO powerstrip in the beta version of the app (v2.1.4) but Homey says “the device is unavailable” and I can’t use it. :disappointed:
ID and KEY are uniquely assigned to a device or should I check them again?


May I request a new device creation ? I bought a tuya WIFI smart light sensor like this one
Capture d’écran 2021-09-18 à 19.36.11

I can follow all the steps to integrate it as a fake device in homey, but get nothing in the logs(as per your post above). And I can access it through tuya-cli. here is what I get :

> tuya-cli get --id ######## --key ####### --ip 192.168.###  --protocol-version 3.3 --full
> { dps: { '1': 'high ', '2': 547 } }

Where the DPS 2 show an light intensity from 0 to 1000, and DPS 1 gives a value low/medium/high

This would really help me to have a homey device, with a condition flow on DPS 1 (… and light is low/medium/high) and/or a condition flow on DPS 2 (… and light is > than XXX)

thank you so much

Hi, please forget the above request
I’m currently developing it myself as a branch from your code, I’ll submit a pull request in a few days