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[APP]TuyAPI / Neo Coolcam wall plug WIFI app

Well if you don’t want to have them connect to the internet you have to flash them.

Not with this app.

Is there an easy way to log the data that is sent to the device or would I need to sniff the network traffic?

Hi Rens,

I respect your opinion on this matter although I knew this already After Reading your Posts.

Okay: i’ll go with your proposal and select a model which I think is suitable, order and test it. If it’s stable I’ll get back to you.

I have a NEO Coolcam plug 2000W running fine in Homey but I can’t get the LSC Smart Power Plug working in Homey.
Any Ideas? (Key and ID and IP are verified. Plug works fine in TuYA app)


Roller Blind swith from tuya working like a charm!
the only thing i notice is that the device wont be visible within the HomeyKit app in my Homey. so i can not at the shutter to Homekit.
anyone know a solution for this?
all my other devices are visible within HomeyKit

The developer of homeykit tells me that the tuya app possibly presents the roller blind wrong to homeykit.
Is that possible Rens? Can you correct this so that it Will become visible in Homeykit?

This is what the developer of Homeykit says about this isseu:

If it makes sense for the device to support windowcoverings_set , then the Tuya developer can add that capability. If it doesn’t make sense (which is something that the Tuya developer should determine), then the only way to get this working is to fix it in the Homeykit app.

So is it possible for you to change the windowcovering_state to windowcovering_set or add that capability to the shutter device in the Tuya App for the roller shutter?

For more info see this issue: https://github.com/swttt/com.swttt.homekit/issues/185

when i type ‘npm i @tuyapi/cli -g’ in the node.js the reply is ‘npm should be run outside of the node repl, in your normal shell’
can enyone help me with this?

I will look into it

Hi Rens,
For the list: I bought a slightly different AOFO powerstrip than Rijswijker. I ordered the version which has manual buttons on the strip also. This one: link to AliExpress

Can confirm it works perfect, so if you want you can mention it as supported.

Hi Rens,

Ordered and tested this switch from aliexpress:

Installed it as LSC plug, no power measurement.
Works perfect, so I you want you Can mention it in your app.

For approx €4,- an perfect alternative for the Sonoff smart switch that people tweak, much easier and same price level.

Also added an LSC Smart FIlament Led light. Similar issues. I was able to add the light but nothing happens when I waht to turn it on or off. I used the correct IP, Key and ID and don’t use the Tuya IOS App.
How can I help you troubleshoot this?
Note that the Coolcam plug I have works fine.

When I run your APP and debug. I don’t see the “connected to device” messages. When I open the IOS Tuya App and power on/off the light I get some unreadable messages from your app. What does this mean, firmware issue, wrong key ?

Data from device: 3.3 鸊j�E$�#v�^v�ţ@O��"N��}*F��F�թ�"+ƅ,+P 4w��,���.G>�u� ’��+��HW֎Ǥ�e
typeof: string
�<�ZWrom device: 3.3 鸊j�E$�#v�^v�ţ@O��"N��}*F���|U����`��H_h!������ـ��lQh#��0�

Could you please add the option in your app to manual set the protocol version to 3.3. It seems discovery is not working properly on my wifi network. When I test the device using the TuyaAPI async mode and set verion to 3.3 and define the IP manualy it works.

I bought some “tuya working” LED from Ali. At least thats what it says, so who knows :slight_smile:

But, if they can be added to Tuya should i be able to add them in homey? And if yes, would it be possible to change color based on flows? I have only added power plugs so far.

Possibility to specify the tuya version (defaults to 3.1 like it is now).

@Odechr i would say try it as a LSC Led strip.

Ill do so when they arrive :slight_smile: Most likely 1-2 more weeks i assume. Will update!


Hi, i have looked in to this. the difference between windowcovering_set vs windowcovering_state is that set sets a value between 0 and 100 % as 0% is fully closed and 100% is fully open while state just returns and sets the options up, down and pause.

The tuya device does not return a % value as to where the window covering is just a state up / down and pause.

I could add the windowcoverings_set and try to set it to 0 if you press the down button and 100 if you press the up button but it would not really make sense in my opinion because you would get a slider that would not represent the reality.

To me it would be more logical if the Homeykit app would support the `windowcoverings_state’. But if that is not possible let me know then i will try to hack something in.