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[APP]TuyAPI / Neo Coolcam wall plug WIFI app

It took a while before I was able to test it, but I can confirm it works on Homey 4.2. So now I’m finally able to turn the LSC LED Strip on and off. :grinning: Thanks! :+1:t4:

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Is there anybody that has this plug flashed to tasmota ? and if so can share his/her experience.

For me sometimes Tuya has delay and Tuya Cloud seems to be needing a reconnect from time to time so therefore thinking about a more direct connection which is explained here and Tasmota or ESPurna seems to be supported on Homey

I have a couple flashed to Tasmota using Tuya-convert.

Work just fine with MQTT, also the power monitoring variants…

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ok, good to hear that it works fine. then i will try it as well, thanks!

update from my side, since ESP seems to have advantages i flashed ESPURNA which works fine regarding controls but only the plug is not giving power. i can see Homey is sending commands and the plug with the Esp firmware is receiving but can get no power through the plug anymore.

I will ask the people from Espurna so again curious if someone has this setup running already with Homey ?

I haven’t used ESPURNA myself actually, so no input there.

More general thinking: have you configured the right GPIO for the switch/light/button etc…?

Well, that i am looking into. i thought the firmware file was all inclusive for this device but apparently it needs extra configuration. Web interface does not contain anything.

Software is running quite well by the way with Homey but only lacking the proper GPIO then. Will see if i can configure it or try an older firmware otherwise.

Or use Tasmota instead :grimacing:. That has a built in template for the Neo Cool am plugs to configure the GPIO…

Ok, i will do that if i cannot get Espurna to work. perhaps i know the issue now but will ask the developer.
GPIO12 is in use on the firmware where i think my plug needs GPIO14.

Reason for Espurna is the more settings that are available and i prefer to use no MQTT and brokers if possible. I don’t know Tasmota yet, can i use that one with Homey as well and without MQTT ?

NEO device is connected as (NAS-OGCZ-WIFI-T 20180125 v3)

  • LED = GPIO4 (D2 NodeMCU)
  • RELAIS = GPIO12 (D6 ModeMCU)
  • BUTTON = GPIO13 (D7 NodeMCU)

NEO device is connected as (NAS-OGCZ-16A-T 20190428 v5)

  • LED = GPIO13

Ok, Espurna now working with the 16A plug of Neo Coolcam. that one has different GPIO settings.

Working fine now but needed another firmware with the correct settings. Good to know that sometimes only a name is not enough to know for sure if something works.

Now only a question for the Espurna why it is not showing power usage but the plug power on/off is working quite fast

ok, my mistake. it is showing power after removing and adding the device again :slight_smile:

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Is it correct to assume that once we’ve found the key and ID’s (and all other necesarry information) - we can block the tuya devices from calling home? - say blocking the tuya domain trough Pi-hole? So we also don’t need the cloud and therefore the devices run locally completly?