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[APP]TuyAPI / Neo Coolcam wall plug WIFI app

The device is added to the beta version called generic shutter device. Can you test it and send me the make and model. then i will add the device to the 5.0.0 version build to.

Just tested it on the beta version and it is not working


Any chance that your app will support this device:

Rens, just tested again and it is working now ! Thanks

Have never noticed it before, but the LSC Plug and Strip names are mixed. But the names are correct, but the icons are not. Now I have added a new led strip with a icon of a powerplug.

And neither work. I guess it is because the on/off sequences are mixed now and are not understood by the devices.

Furthermore, there is a filament light bulb from LSC, but I’ve got the ‘normal’ white bulb E27, how can I connect these.

@Rens_Brandwijk quick question, is this route still the way to go? Or should I order a wifi adapter to flash ESP? Just wondering.

the strangest thing just happend today; i bought 2 LSC spots, and when i use them there is a delay of 3 seconds, from giving the command to turn on/off to turning on/off. This is strange as i do not have this problem with my lsc filament light bulb.
do more people have this issue?

Just reinstalled the stable version (1.1.6) and it works again. Both the Ledstrip is working fine as is the LSC smart plug.

Only no regular light bulb. I’ll try and add the filament again, with the 2.0.5 version I got an error. But it is in the bedroom of my son, so can’t do that now :wink:

— edit

It get’s added, but don’t dare to turn it on… will have to wait for that.

— edit 2

Although I thought it was working fine it is not. Will look into it

— edit 3

Right, installing 2.0.5 over 1.1.6 works for the ledstrip. Smart plugs work in 1.1.6 and still do in 2.0.5. You can’t add new ones with 2.0.5, neither ledstrip nor plugs (lsc). The normal bulbs don’t work. How can I help with that?

The data attribute log:

NEW DATA ATRIBUTE: {“devId”:“085484012462ab4c0d80”,“dps”:{“20”:false,“21”:“white”,“22”:35,“23”:870,“25”:“000e0d0000000000000000c80000”,“26”:0,“101”:true}}

Right, took it a bit further and started experimenting with TuyApi. For some reason they cannot find the E27 bulbs based on KEY and ID, it does find the strips and powerplugs. So don’t think @Rens_Brandwijk can help me with that. Thanks anyhow.

Hi, I’m new here, just got my homey pro :smiley:
First of all I feel grateful for the (hobby-)develloppers and all the active members of this community!!

I’m trying to link my LSC led-strips and plugs, following your guideline @harryd
My prompt keeps showing ‘waiting for request’ (see picture)

  • I installed the certificate on the android smartphone using the QR (it asked to name it, the name of the certificate doesn’t matter?)
  • I opened port 8001 in the windows defender firewall
  • I set up the proxy in the phone’s settings


Or do I need to follow github before I follow your guide?
I was trying, but I coudn’t find ‘obtain SDK’:


Is it possible that the interface is updated? Or what am I doing wrong here?

Every help is welcome, I just read through the entire thread.
Thank you in advance!

I’m guessing you are over complicating it. You should try the ‘fast and easy’ method. I’ve used that method and works easy. Please look at the link provided in the start post called setup instructions.

@Ruud_van_Beek I don’t see why it wouldn’t we might have to edit the app but i don’t see why that would be a problem.


  • I will look into the icons probably mixed some things up.
  • The only time key and ID based did not work here was when i made a separate network (bridged) for my plugs and homey was not in the same network as the plugs.

@QMatt4eveR Just use the Obtain SDK option. Because the old one does not work anymore on most plugs since the tuya update.

The bulbs do work through the Tuya cloud app. I would rather use this app because the cloud app is a bit slow. I can get the list of devices with corresponding key and ID’s. The LED strips just work fine as do the power plugs.

The only devices which don’t work are those E27 bulbs. I’ve got three of them. As I said earlier, I do see their KEY and ID.

I tried to do some basic testing with the TuyApi trough a nodejs prompt and when I execute the js file for the powerplugs and ledstrips i’m getting the correct info. When I do the same for the bulbs I’m getting a timeout with a message they cannot be found.

You were right about looking to far into this…

I got the LSC led-strip and plugs from ‘Action’ working. And linked to homey, you can control everything you ever wanted! (by this I mean, on/off, dimming, colors, and there are some nice extra actions in the flows)

Small recap for others:
(who, as me, might not have done these git-hub follow-throughs a lot)
‘top navigation bar’–> the main bar on the left, not all names of buttons are the same as in the ‘how to’. I was trying to follow it a bit to literally the first time.

After all it’s not that hard indeed. And when you have done the linking once, it is in fact pretty easy to set up devices this way in the future, since you can immediately run the wizard in cmd.

A big shout out to @Rens_Brandwijk to develop this app!
Looking forward to other products (non battery powered ones :wink: ) in the future!



did you finally succeed to add a Tuya video door bell ?
I’m looking for a solution not too expensive…

thank you in advance for your reply :slight_smile:

I had a strange issue with a LSC flood light today: I followed the TuyAPI instructions and used tuya-cli link to link the device to my Tuya dev account and got a local key, which didn’t work.

Then I used another tool (from here) to list my devices, and it returned the entry for the flood light with a completely different local key :thinking:

With that key it’s working fine (in HA, but that’s beside the point).

I just found out action added smart ip-camera’s to their LSC (tuya) smart-line.

Any idea if it would be possible to implement these in the app to work with homey?
(Can I go buy one and try specific stuff out for you in order to implement this?)
Or would you rather give me advice on other cams which already work with homey?

Might also be interesting if a develloper finds this worth their time.

perhaps this app ? doorbell already inside

Don’t see a 2-way communication, full-HD video doorbel in that app?

But indeed, if that app could get expanded with their LSC-line, that would be great.

I didn’t know that app existed, so ty for the heads up, might try to link some switches that I have laying around.

Mmmm… keys and ID’s are the same, unfortunately. When I add the ID of the specific device to the .env i’m getting the following:

C:\Users\marti\HomeyApps\Tuya>node ./getLocalKey.js
Your device info:
  functions: {
    category: 'dj',
    functions: [
      [Object], [Object],
      [Object], [Object],
      [Object], [Object],

This is your device's localKey:

When I do the ‘listdevices’ I do get the key and ID of the specific device. But as mentioned, these are the same as the TuyApi CLI-wizard provides.