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[App] Twinkly

same here. Happy that it works (model TW2016, Firmware 2.3.5), many thanks !

Yes. If Twinkly decides to finally release an official API. But for now it’s not possible.



i use 3 gen1 rgb leds which are joined as 1.

In the app i can choose a effect which twinkly then runs on the 3 strips.

There is sadly no playlist option for the gen1 so i was wondering if it is possible to create a flow where i can choose an effect to play, this way i could create my own playlist in Homey?

i have a strange problem, it seems when you join/group all the strips to one with the new app it is impossible to turn it just on via Homey…

I have 3 identical (gen1) strips connected/joined as 1 group, in the app there is 1. group which i can control.

When i add the devices to Homey it will detect 3 devices, no groups.
When all 3 devices are added it is impossible to turn any led strip ON, turning it off is no problem strangly enough
When ON card is used nothing happens, no light is turned on, it does not matter which twinkly led strip the flow card is used on.

But when the DEMO ON card is used then the group turns on…

On the old app you could turn ON the ‘master’ strip (the one on top of the list in the twinkly app) and all other leds also turned on and started to ‘play’ the last effect when it was turned off.

Sadly now i can just turn it on using DEMO mode, not last effect as before.

v3.0.5 - 2021-02-22

  • Update to SDK3 (requires Homey firmware 5.x)
  • Added dimming capability
  • Minor improvements