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[APP] Verisure

Verisure for Homey

Live version: https://homey.app/sv-se/app/se.adamnoren.verisure/Verisure/
Test version: https://homey.app/sv-se/app/se.adamnoren.verisure/Verisure/test/


Adds support for Verisure alarm system (Sweden). May support other regions but is not guaranteed.


1. Before adding any device, please enter your credentials inte the app settings.

2. Within app settings, set a poll interval. This is how often the status of your devices will be checked against Verisure. Recommended poll interval is between 15-30 seconds.


Want support for devices? Donate me any amount so that I can get buy those devices and start develop.

Current list of needed devices

  • Vibration detector
  • Smoke detector
  • Water detector
  • Climate detector
  • Yale doorman w/ module

Donate me any amount or PM me if you’d like to donate me a physical device.

Got questions about the app?
Ask them here and I’ll do my best to help.

Is there any way to have a flow triggering SOS command? I would like to set up SOS buttons for this in the house using zigbee buttons.

Hello Adam,

I just got an email that verisure is going to implement mfa vor the login proces.
Are you aware of this coming change ?

Hi. The app does not read system status anymore. I have turned off 2 step verification. It reads status from the other sensors. I think this started after the last update.

I have the same problem. Works if I arm via my phone, then system status is updated but not when I arm via my safety panel.

I’ve also disabled two factor auth.

@Jan_Iversen @ThomasC

I pushed a possible fix for this to test-version, could you please try?

I tested and it started to work after update. Great work. Thx and happy Easter.