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I’m not sure if I understand your goal right. What I mean is you have to set the target_temperature (VD) = measured_temperature (aqara, Tag temperature) if you want to see the measured value of the aqara in a tile of a VD.

Ok, but as you se in my screens above, i have done that and its not showing up as a tile on the VD.

no I don’t see it, because you have to do this the other way around:

name your VD variable target_temperature NOT measure_temperature.

I assume that the tag=temperature belongs to the aqara sensor:


in my case “Aktuell” is the temperature value of a sensor.

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That is not important, it is about the capability of the VD thermostat / thermometer.
The Aqara temp sensor just sends numbers, wich you can assign as temperature values.

So you can view any value you want as virtual thermometer (as long as it’s inside the range of -100 to +200)
I have weather forecast VD 'thermometers" to view the wind, rain, humidity etc.
I also have lux sensors that way.
(btw, the pressure tile (luchtdruk in Dutch) should show 102.0 as 1020mBar, I have to add the math.format finction to my calculation, so the .0 is always shown)

Example, the airpressure flow:

Like this?

No, like this !

show us the capabilities of your VD.

are you sure you had defined the capability target_temperature when you created the device?

Here they are.

Its hard to explain, I can get the flow to work, with measure_temperature with an aqara temp. sensor, but I dont get a tile on the thermostat showing the temperature.

If I look at the aqara temp sensor and its capabilities, it dosent have target_temperature as an Capability only measure_temperature

If I use another sensor from Mill, its for my radiators, its has both capabilities measure_temperature and target_temperature, and then i can make flow target_temperature and it workd and i get a Tile on the thermostat


hard to believe.

please, enter in developer a value for target-temperature (VD) manually and check the tile.

You have to trigger / start the flow by the Aqara sensor “when temperature has changed”
(and if you want to test, when asked, just enter a fake temperature between -100 and +200)
And you’ll have to round the output of the Aqara temp sensor to x.5 and x.0
Take a look, this works:

So I got it to work once, which is one step in the right direction, when i tried to get i to worked again I got Invalid step

@spajder_ua any value other than xx.0 or xx.5 will result in ‘Invalid Step’

Thanks, I think I got it now :slight_smile: How do I round of the output i a good way? Your example are in Dutch, and my Dutch is not so good :slight_smile:

Allrightie then.

  1. First create a numeric logics variable, and call it f.i. TempRoundedTo.5
  2. In your flow, add an action card, pick Logics and then “Calculate a value”
    2a. From the top white bar, select your created numeric var TempRoundedTo.5
    2b. Enter this calculation in the white bar below that: {{round((<TemperatureTagFromSensor>*2)/2)}}
    2c. So, compare it with my card below: my logics var (from point 1.) is called virt_temp_koelkast
    The tag <Temperatuur> is a selected local tag from the sensor, whicht triggers the flow
    You can pick this tag by selecting the little card icon on the right.

3. Now for the virtual thermometer, pick the “set a temperature” card, and select the tag you used at point 1.

Thank you.

This worked as well :slight_smile:

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Cool, didn’t know one can do math in these cards. How did you find out?

:mag: math Available math functions

Thanks, I’m aware of that. But as I wrote, I did not know one can do math calculations outside of Logic “Calculate a value” cards

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I saw it on a flow from somebody else that had this on it and I tested it myself and it worked :slight_smile:

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I didn’t know that too.

I test it also with a text variable of the notification card to check out if it works with a text variable in every card. Works, which means that it is a common feature in every card with a text variable and we don’t need to use a extra logic variable at all anymore for usecases like this.

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