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[App] Virtual Devices

i have no idea, i downloaded the svp, i have no option to open svg files, my pc does not reqonised the extension.

The svg itself is correctly displayed when chosen in the VD app, so i think the svg is OK.

I also have no idea where to get .svg files, it would be easier if .png could be used as icons…

Oh, okay. .svg files are dynamically sizable, .png is not. That’s probably the reason .svg is selected as icon type.

If the .svg is displayed correctly, that shouldn’t be the issue. Did you restart the app alr? Could help.

Here you can find lots of valid .svg icons, and view them.

If you use a Windows PC, to view .svg files you can use Irfanview (freeware, no ads) with the svg plugin.

Or open them in Chrome

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Or make them yourself. Even got one of the building we live in. There are plenty of websites where you can convert your images to .svg online



Also make sure you pick the black and white ones, other colors seem to have issues in Homey

Is it possible to add the capability alarm_water to the sensor device?
I want to make a virtual flood sensor, but this capability is missing.
thx in advance