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[APP] Vision Security

Looks like you are doing a great job @martijnpoppen! @Caseda has been a great help for me back then, glad to see he is still active and willing to help.

I might even go on to homey V5 soon, since some of the devices like the garage door sensor and the battery siren were holding me back :smiley:

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Super Martijn, je hebt de app gewoon gefixed! Fantastisch!! Echt heel erg blij mee!! Mijn probleem is opgelost!! Werkt perfect!

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Thanks alot @Priknr1 !! Yes finally we managed to get everything working :smiley:

Thank you @DefendorNL

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Trying to install ZP3102 again after the update. Pairing is successful, battery and temperature are visible, but no movement or tampered alarms. Anyone experiencing the same, any solution for this?

Dear Sir,
I’m using the ZM1702 lock. Let me know if you re willing to add this to homey and what I can do to facilitate. Thanks for your time.

Hi Luc,
Yeah I can have a look at this.
I’ll have to look up the Z-Wave spec.
Will come back on this :slight_smile:

thanks for your time.
I’m willing to send you a lock to play with.
best regards

New app update (test: 2.1.2):

  • NEW: add ZM1702 Lock

@Onyx Can you check if this works for you?
I tried to add it based on the Manual and available command_classes. So not sure if it works as expected :slight_smile:

I tried 3 times and always this result:
when I add it, only the second time the sequence of C888 gives a nr1 green feedback. the third gives the nr2 green feedback. the message onscreen is: no compatible Homey App has been found to this device. it has been added as a Basic Z-wave device.
let me know if you need a lock to play with.
best regards

Hey @Onyx ,

Hmm yeah was afraid that it wouldn’t work. In that case:

That would be really handy :slight_smile:

Let’s continue this chat in a DM