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[APP] Vision Security


I would like to switch to Homey from Vera, but there is one thing which holds me back and it is lack of support to these devices:

  • Vision ZS6301 CO Detector
  • Vision ZF5201 Flood Detector
  • Vision ZS6101 Smoke Detector

All in EU version. Could they be added as well?

Thanks a lot!

I got the same issue with my zg8101 garage door tilt sensor. I actually got two of these sensors, one of them has the generic alarm on “yes” and the other does not.
Anyone have an idea of why these could be different?

In the homey app, the config seems just about the same as well…

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Hi there
Is there a plan to have a version for Homey 5 firmware ?

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Is this app still supported or should I replace the vision devices because this app will stop working when homey v5 will become active?

Hi all

I have tried to reach the develloper and helper to know if they will update this app in sdk3 version.
Send an message, send an email… But no answer.
It’s is possible that somebody upload from the github the file and do an update in sdk3?

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What i see is that all zwave apps i use are now sdk2 except vision security. The zigbee apps are or will be (aquara) sdk3. I have no development homey and last time I tried to build an app I had to do a factory reset. So I think about replacing the vision devices once V5 is released. Probably somewhere next year.

I would be interested too !!

I got the following message from Patrick the developer of the Vision App some month ago:

Hi Berni,

Unfortunately my life is way to busy right now. With 2 kids, a very busy job, and doing massive home improvement.

Athom is away that I won’t be uodatkng this soon, and I suggested that have a look themselves. Can’t be a big job for them.

Your best chance of getting this done, is finding someone to do so in the forum.

With kind regards,


Hello so no chance to have an update!

Is er iemand die toevallig weet of deze app nog geüpdatet wordt?
Ik zit toevallig met een time out, probleem zodra de homey herstart staat er time out bij de sirene, ik moet de sirene eerst verwijderen en opnieuw toevoegen anders doet die het niet meer.

No. See the answer to Berni from the developer a few messages up. There will also be no update to the new sdk. This app will stop working after the update of Homey to version 5. Athom is aware of this but with Athom you never know any plans. Just wait and enjoy while it is still working. Or stay with 4.2.

Has anybody tried to setup the ZM1602 siren as a generic one ? Should-it work ?

It seems that the recognition process has been successful, but when I try to activate the siren (with the ON/OFF button), nothing is happening. Have I missed something ?

(sorry for my english)


ik had het zelfde maar er is een verschil of je het apparaat aan of uit (zet aan/uit) zet en of je de sirene af laat gaan(zet sirene aan/uit). Bij mij zat hier het probleem.

ik hoop dat je er wat aan hebt.

(ps google translate eng versie hieronder :slight_smile: )


I had the same but there is a difference whether you turn the device on or off (turn on / off) and whether you let the siren go off (turn siren on / off). The problem was here with me.

I hope you find them useful.


I just got a warning that this app will not be compatible with Homey5, are there any plans to upgrade this version? Can we donate to stimulate as community?


I would also donate a new Vision App!!!

If it helps. I also would donate for a new version. Better for the environment not to have to dispose all vision stuff.
@martijnpoppen you fixed the ledring collection app. Could you also fix this one?

@Rom ,
For now i don’t think I can pick up this app. Just released my own app (Eufy security). And maintaining the Ledring since yesterday.

This app requires a Z-wave rewrite to SDK 3 and I didn’t work with Z-Wave before.

@martijnpoppen Thanks for your fast reply. Also thank you for pointing me to eufy. Nice camera stuff. I think I give up on this app and upgrade to 5.0 this weekend.

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@Rom, If you upgrade to v5, can you check if the sirene works as a generic device?

Sorry. I do not have the sirene. If it is not working as a generic device on 4.2 it will neither on 5.0.
What I discovered is that in the community app store there is a vision security app V2. From another developper. Maybe that one is stil supported.
@FreekV is your vision app working on 5.0