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[APP] Volvo on Call

Control your Volvo car with Volvo On Call services

App store link: Volvo On Call

A Homey app using the unofficial API that the Volvo On Call iOS/Android app use. The app only contains one device type which is used for both ICE and PHEV cars. The two capabilities only relevant for PHEVs are automatically removed for ICE cars.

Adding a car
First, make sure the region in the app settings is correct, by default set to Europe.
When adding a car you need to enter your Volvo On Call credentials. The app will automatically show all cars associated with the account and allow you to choose which car(s) to add to Homey.

Your Volvo On Call credentials are only stored locally on your Homey, and even so, they are stored encrypted using an encryption key which is stored in an environment variable and thus not possible for any other app to access.


  • Car left home
    The app uses the location of your Homey vs the location of the car. Distance apart needed to trigger car left/came home is by default 50 meters. This can be changed in device settings.
  • Car came home
  • Location changed
    A generic trigger that can be used to start a flow when your car arrives to a specific address, such as your work.
  • Engine started/stopped
  • Heater started/stopped
  • Battery level changed (only for PHEVs)
  • Charge cable status changed (only for PHEVs)


  • Heater is on/off
  • Engine is on/off
  • Car is (not) at home
  • Car is (not) locked
  • A door is (not) open
  • Door is (not) open


  • Heater on/off
  • Lock/Unlock car
    Unlock action will silently unlock the tailgate/trunk. If the trunk is opened then all doors will unlock. For more details please visit Volvo On Call app: Lock/unlock your car
  • Engine remote start/stop
    There are lots of ifs and buts about this feature and one can question the real use of it. If you have started the engine twice remotely, then you need to start it with a key before you can start it remotely again. For more details please visit Volvo On Call app: Operating remote start of the car. The duration setting for action is only relevant for the engine start.
  • Honk horn
  • Blink lights
  • Honk horn and blink lights
  • Schedule charging for a location (only for PHEVs)
    This only works for existing charge locations created using the Volvo On Call iOS/Android app. Charge locations are cached when the Volvo On Call Homey app is started and if you add charge locations you need to restart the app. You can enable or disable scheduled charging for the chosen location, and set the start and stop time.
  • Start charging / override scheduled charging (only for PHEVs)
    This action will override any enabled scheduled charging.

Device Settings

  • Refresh from the car (minutes)
    How frequently Volvo On Call cloud is told to update status from the car. After each status refresh the status in Homey is also refreshed. Each action invocation will automatically trigger a refresh afterward, in order to show the correct status. The car seems to push status to Volvo On Call cloud by itself at least after a drive.
    The default refresh interval is 120 minutes. Please be aware that refreshing status too frequently consumes battery power in your vehicle.

  • Refresh from the cloud (minutes)
    How frequently the status from the Volvo On Call cloud is refreshed in your Homey. The default value is 5 minutes.

  • Refresh position (minutes)
    How frequently the position is refreshed from Volvo On Call cloud. Default value 5 minutes.

  • Proximity of home (meters)
    Distance from Homey/home the car can be, and the condition will still state that the car is at home.

Advanced info
The device settings also contain three debug settings. These fields contain the Volvo On Call JSON API response from the attribute and status APIs, including the last error related to the Volvo On Call API communication.

Anyone that owns a Volvo hybrid car that have figured out how services like Tibber start and stop charging? Do they use the scheduled charging that is available in the Volvo app, or are there other unknown APIs that they use?

Replying to myself, seems like they use the scheduled charging feature + one API call to override this and start charging.

Two new actions to arrive in the next version of the app for hybrids :+1: