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[APP] Volvo on Call

I installed home assistant to check if it is working over there and it seems it is. I will try to do some comparization with traces to check if I can see a difference.

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Thanks for looking into it! Hope you will find a solution so the status will report as usual to the app. If I notice something else within the other VOC home automation I will let you know. Thank you for your time for making and maintaining this app.

did you spend some time to look into this?

Have spent time looking at it with no progress, I can only replicate the same issue with other configs - status api doesn’t work but the others do. I would be happy for a second pair of eyes on this if anyone is willing to assist. I’m on the Homey community slack channel or my email is in the app.json file.

The issue with the status API found thanks to @robertklep :pray:
New version 1.1.1 on its way out


Yes!!! After installing the update everything works again. Thank you both so much for looking into this. :pray:t3:

Here it works fine too!

Here also, I can see more now in the app. However, I’m wondering, shouldn’t I also be able to enable the heating and close the doors etc from the device tab? Now I can only see if the doors are closed and what the range is etc.

No actions are available on the actual device. You need to build a flow and add the actions there. Then if you want you can link them to a virtual device I guess so you get a device you can click on to for instance start the heater.

Just installed the app, logged in and see my car with some stats OK. I can see it is 21 m from Homey in the Home zone.

But, in Flow creation, where should I expect the available triggers from the app to appear? I see nothing new there right now. I expected it to show up under ‘Devices’…?

You have different “cards” available for the different steps; when, and, then.
Check first post in this thread that lists triggers, conditions and actions.

Sure, I saw that list. And, I have many flows in my Homey. But I dont see what I need to start one with this app. It looks like this when I select the 1st trigger step:

You should see the car below devices. Cant understand why you don’t see it there if you have the device on the device tab with properties.
If you try the online flow editor, https://flow.homey.app/. And click add card and search at top for instance for volvo - what do you get then?

OK that’s weird. Then I see all the expected stuff - which is good! I had forgot about the web version, I will use that to create a “Volvo flow” and see what turns up in the iPad app.

Did a quick test from flow.homey.app and I get everything I expect, very nice. And the flow turns up in the flow list in the iOS app. And - interestingly - the device now is visible if I for example adds another condition in my Volvo test flow. :slight_smile:

So problem solved, but I guess neither of us understands why.

But the app is really cool and useful. I will create some fun and useful stuff with it. Thanks for quick feedback and your work!

Absolutely love this! Thanks alot for a superb app😊

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ive run into a little problem.

I have a V60 2017 , and trying to start the heating with a button and a confirmation from me with a push notification.

The problem is i only find the statement " heating is on", so “heating is off” are missing so i am not able to get the flow to check the statement of the heater…
Any clues why ?

Edit: figured it out… for other users, you have to use the “invert” button to change the status of the “heating is on”

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