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[APP] VThermo

Can you try setting the hysteresis to a small value, e.g. 0.05, and see if that helps ?

Are you syncing the target from VThermo to Tado, and measured temp from Tado to VThermo ? And the Aqara sensor is the contact sensor ?

yes, exactly and it works.


I tried 0.05, but that doesn’t solve it. The result is closer to what I want and with al little tweak in target temperature usable.
Still I would suspect that with hysteris 0 the state would go to off if humidity = target. I found out that is goes to off when humidity is 2 lower than target. Maybe you can look into this sometime. For time being I will use a work around (use 0.05 and add 1 to target).

V. 1.5.0 is now ready for testing:

  • Min. and max. target temperatures can be updated between -10 °C and +60 °C
  • Added flow to update ‘Target temperature min, max and step’
  • Added flow to update ‘Target temperature offset’

Link for the test-version: