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[APP] Whitings APP, need some advise

Who uses this app, i need some advise.

I am considering purchasing 1 or 2 sleeping mats and use them with Homey.

If i read the reviews of the app it seems it is only possible to connect 1 account.
Does this mean that it is only possible to connect 1 sensor sleeping mat to Homey?

Who as some knowdledge how this works, i would like to know before ordering these mats.

Do these mats communicate directly with Homey or is connection done via a smartphone app, so your phone needs to be around the mat and it connects to your phone and the phone connects to the cloud/api?

So can the mat work indepently or only via a phone?

For more informations regarding 2 sleeping mats read this post please:

But as I know it is possible to use 2 mats over IFTTT.

thx IFTTT is not an option (anymore
IFTTT is paid service since a few days/weeks if i understand that correctly from the mails i received from IFTTT, i am not going to pay for use of IFTTT


Great app, would be great to be able to add all family members

Ontwikkelaar: Hi Xxxxx, thank you for your positive review. You can request the implementation of new features trough support@athom.com.

That’s not right. 3 applets are for free.

So you connect one user via the Homey App and one user via IFTTT. I assume that you only need 2 applets for one user, but I am not sure.

So it still has no second user option?


Did you read the post I linked???

yes i read it.

But could not find any clear answer if it would work with 2 persons/mats, in the reviews where is mentioned that it does not are over 6 months old and athom answered to send email with a future request. So maybe meanlwhile it does support more persons.

And if not is it possible to get 2 mats to work?
1 using the app and 1 using iftt?

As Jamie wrote, 2 users (2 sleeping mats) cannot be used with the Withings app.

The last app update (test version) is about 2 months ago and they changed only „What’s new in v3.0.2 - Added Flow Cards for all measurements.“
So I guess it is not possible.

A user in the German forum said that he connected 2 sleeping mats via IFTTT.
Maybe you just write and ask him if one sleeping mat can be connected via Withing app and the other sleeping mat via IFTTT.