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[APP] YCH Control

This topic is meant for English speakers. I’ve done a similar topic in French here !

Hi all,

Let me introduce myself briefly, my name is Yann, I am an engineering student and I am quite interested in the world of new technologies and home automation.
I then embarked on creating an application for Homey that allows you to connect Legrand Home + Control (or Legrand Netatmo) compatible devices in Homey.


This app allows you to connect your Legrand® with Netatmo (Home + Control) environment to Homey and control your devices directly from Homey.

At this moment we support lightnings, sockets roller shutters… More family of products will be added in the future, with time we hope to cover all of Home + Control products.


  1. Have access to the correct connection interface :
  • If you created your account in the Home + Control app after April 27, 2020, you will need to create a Legrand developer account (to have access to the application’s connection interface) at the following address: https: //developer.legrand.com/login/ and register by clicking on “Register or Log In” and then on the “sign up now” button at the bottom of the page.
  • If you created your account in the Home + Control app before April 27, 2020, you can go directly to step 3.
  1. Link your Gateway to your new account :
  • You must now log into the Home + Control application by clicking in the box “Did you create an account in Home + Control before April 27, 2020?”.
  • Follow the instructions in the application to link your Gateway to your account.
  1. Configure your devices in the Home + Control application before adding them to Homey :
  • You can directly name the devices, assign them a “type” (eg: a mobile socket assigned by default as a “socket” to assign it as a “light socket”) (1).
  • It is worth noting that the assignment to rooms in Home + Control will not affect the assignment in Homey.
    -It is important to properly assign the devices before adding them in YCH Control to avoid operational problems.

You are now ready to add your Legrand® products to Homey with YCH Control !!


  • App has been coded under the guidelines of SDKV3 i.e. your Homey must have at least version 5.0.0.
  • (1): This kind of change also changes the category in which your device is located in YCH Contro (for example the product will change from socket to light).
  • YCH Control uses the Home + Control API to control your products, i.e. without internet access the application becomes unusable. However, Home + Control should still work.
  • Therefore, depending on the quality of your internet connection, the response time for actions may be longer or shorter.
  • Legrand only offers third-party developers (like me) 500 requests per day and per user, YCH Control includes a count of requests made, beyond 500 (visible on the configuration page of the app), it is normal that the application no longer interacts with your products.
  • I won’t add support for Btcino !!

Hope you like the app!