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[APP] Yeelights [needs other developer]

Yes. I’m not sure why it’s not recognize though. I have published an update in the app store that might fix this. It will require you to re-pair the strip. I also added some code that should prevent those crashes. It’s awaiting approval but you can try out the test version here: https://homey.app/a/com.yeelight/test/

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Thank you. The strip now works nicely. App still crashes though, doesn’t seem to affect anything much it seems.

I’m trying to upgrade my home, restarted adding the strip but still isn’t discovered. LAN mode is on and everything :S. what troubleshooting steps should I take?

Hi all!
First of all, thanks to @Phuturist for maintaining and developing this great app.
I bought myself a Bedisde lamp 2 the other day and I am having major issues with it.
It is not related to the Homey app, but rather the product itself. I’m writing here to see if anyone has experienced the same or know why it is happening.
Every time I plug in the power of the lamp, the WIFI signal is killed - both my 2.4 and 5 GHz signal. When I remove the power to the lamp the WIFI is up and running again within a minute.
When I initially set up the lamp I was able to add it to the Yeelight app, turn on LAN mode and add it to Homey - but with the struggle of continuous WIFI drop out.
Does anyone know why this is happening - does it have anything to do with UDP?
I would appreciate any help as I am not able to use the device at all with this problem.

v3.0.0 - 202x-xx-xx

  • Update to SDK3 (requires Homey firmware 5.x)
  • Minor improvements

This version is available in the test channel in the app store. You can only install this if you are running Homey firmware 5.x which is still in experimental phase.

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Hi, is there a new way to create two devices, second for ambilight with this sdk3? I use virtual device but its not operating colors and dim for me. Many thanks

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No there is not. Nothing changed in functionality.

Hi, does anyone know the command for enabling police mode? I’ve had a read of the documentation, but I don’t understand what the command should look like for homey.

Hi, my Ceiling4 do not change on/off status in homey when I turn on/off the light externally (bt remote, google assitant). My other Ceiling lights work correctly. Only this particular Ceiling4 has this bug. I have newly readded the light with no luck. Could you please check this status poll capability here , Phuturist? Thank you very much.

Both lights use the same API and code for updating the status. If it works for other lights and for about 900 other users it’s probably something with this specific light. Network issues or perhaps just a buggy light?

Thanks, it really weird coz the Yeelight app actually reacts to status change of this light. :thinking:

I write just for leaving some info for people use UniFi networking gear. I only was able to add my Yeelight S1 desk lamp after I enabled “Multicast enhancement (IGMPv3)” at the related SSID, under Wireless Networks.

I tried this because I found in this thread that SSDP issues are possibly prevent discovery of the Yeelight devices.

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v3.0.2 - 2021-02-22

  • Update to SDK3 (requires Homey firmware 5.x)
  • Minor improvements